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Updated November 2009

I’m always being asked, “Where did you get…?” about pretty much every part of my game-night outfit. None of what I wear is custom: it’s all available for purchase, so if you really want to wear what I do, here are all the websites I am aware of for the various parts of my outfit.

CLOAK: Travel Clothing by Half Moon. Mine is a full-length light-weight cloak, in red, with Crowns around the button. It’s all-wool, all-weather, and ridiculously warm–I think it weighs about 5 and half pounds or something. When the Caps make the Cup Finals in some not-too-distant June, this is going to be REALLY fun to wear…

RAVE LIGHTS: Previous outlet: Raveworx.com. Early 2008 set: Super Light Fingers on both hands, with these light wands dummy-corded to them on both hands. 2007-08, and later 2008-2009 set: Patriotic Spinner Balls. Unfortunately, the Patriotic Spinner Balls have been discontinued, so I’ve switched gear to BeWild.com. Piece is a Deluxe Fusion Raver Wand, which is an improvement in several areas. First, it runs in four watch batteries, so I won’t be replacing the batteries about as often as Alex Ovechkin has to replace his hockey stick. Nothing moves in this, so there’s less to break. It also has three different modes, so I have a little bit of room for creativity if I want to mix and match the effects. Now, while the batteries may last a long time, the lights themselves don’t. The first set I brought to a live game actually started dimming on me halfway through the second period, but everything was working fine after the game. So I can’t run these continuously. Nevertheless, I do like these, even though the green in there isn’t exactly team colors.

JERSEY: Nothing fancy here, just a middle-of-the-road jersey from The NHL Online Store. For spiritual reasons, I wear number 94.

BELT: Actually, it’s not a belt: it’s a CD player carrying case from Coby USA. I can’t find it listed on their website, unfortunately.

CARDS: Tarot of the Angels Deluxe, by Llewellyn. The deck you see on the belt is the same one I use to do some of the readings on this site. Another deck I use is Quest Tarot, also by Llewellyn. That one’s a little more user-friendly, and has a couple of neat features the angel deck doesn’t. I don’t bring it to games, but I’ll use it for readings if I want a more earth-bound reading. The angel deck is a little more loving, but the results can be a little esoteric. Quest is more neutral and more practical. (It comes with a very thorough manual, too.)

DJ HEADPHONES by Koss. For those who don’t remember, I was guest DJ a couple of seasons back, and retain the headphones as a memento of service to the team. UPDATE 11/09: The headphones I had been using have since broken, no ETA on replacement.

POCKET LABYRINTH: That little maroon pouch that I try to keep on my left–but which has a way of migrating–was something I got at Blue Lotus Treasures in Takoma Park. I’m not sure who makes the actual piece. The design is a medieval labyrinth. And if I ever need a bigger version of this to walk in real life, I’ll go–in civvies, thank you–to St. Luke’s Episcopal over in Bethesda.

MIRACLE PEACE BRACELET by Pyramid Collection. New for 2009. It was designed as a bracelet, but it won’t fit over my knuckles. I keep it where my headphones used to be, and may one day be again. The inscription–which, as part of my pregame, I read aloud before leaving for the game–is taken from the Prayer of St. Francis. It reads: “LORD, make me an instrument of they PEACE. Where there is Hatred, let me sow LOVE. Where there is Injury, PARDON. Where there is Error, TRUTH. Where there is Discord, HARMONY. Where there is Doubt, FAITH. Where there is Despair, HOPE. Where there is Darkness, LIGHT. And where there is sorrow, JOY.”

Those are all the websites I am aware of. Happy shopping, and perhaps I’ll see you at a Caps game in some of this.




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