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Maybe It’s Mawkish April 18, 2013

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

But I think this is the right thing to do, somehow.

Earlier this season, I got a couple of ridiculously huge poster boards. The idea was to come up with some huge signs for major events.

I haven’t been as good with those as I’d planned to be, but I do have one board left, and this one WILL be put to good use.

But not to cheer on the Capitals. Wait, what?

Also, for those who know my pre-game routine, I’m normally stationed at the Caps blue line when they come out for warm-ups. A bit of encouragement, not that I think any of them ever notice me standing there. But for the final game of this regular season, I’m going to be standing by the visitors’ blue line. Wait, what?!

For those who haven’t looked at the schedule lately, our final game is against the Boston Bruins. I doubt I need to recount the tragedy that took place in Beantown earlier this week.

The front of the sign–which I’m going to hold so that the Bruins can see it–says, “Boston, you are in our prayers.” I admittedly freehanded the last word a little too sloppily–the Y is a mess–but it’s legible.

The back, though, is where I’m going to need help from you, Caps Nation.

I’ll be bringing the sign with me to all remaining home games, along with a couple of Sharpies. What I’d love to have happen, is for fans at the game–regardless of fandom–to sign the back. After the Caps-Bruins tilt on Saturday night, I’ll go straight to my local FedEx and ship the whole thing to the Bruins organization.

Sound like an idea? Or am I just being too sentimental?–CS



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