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They’re Serious, Aren’t They? February 10, 2012

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It seems that the Archdiocese of Montreal takes the idea of God at the rink seriously.

According to McPaper–which I typically regard as obscenely expensive fish wrap, but don’t get me started on that–the Archdiocese of Montreal put a one-shot ad in two French-language papers in Montreal, essentially asking the locals to pray for the Habs.

It can’t hurt, although–and I know this is a bit flippant–God is well within His rights to say no.  (He’s like that.) 

That said, while asking for Divine assistance is every Habs fan’s right, and while mass prayer isn’t a bad idea, and while those prayers will certainly be heard, that in and of itself is no guarantee of results.  But if the Canadiens do make it into the postseason from where they are right now, there may be a few extra knees on the kneelers in April.  And that’s not a bad thing:  if a hockey miracle gets otherwise not-so-religious Montrealers taking an interest in the sacred, that’s all to the good.

I’ll grant that this is good publicity, and that the objective with this ad may have been more about bringing people to (or back to) the Church, than it may have been to pray for the Habs per se.  That said, it’s definitely a creative move; and if it helps get the Canadiens into the playoffs, that might get people asking questions.  Questions like, Does God exist?  Does God love me?  Does a God that big really care about the small things in my life?  (In order:  Absolutely; More than you’ll ever know; and You might be surprised just how much.) 

If a Canadiens playoff appearance starts a mini-revival in Montreal, that would be a wonderful thing to see.

But–and here’s the part where I put down my rave lights and pick up my calculator–the Canadiens are going to need a lot of help–dare I say, a minor miracle?–to make it in.  Here’s how the numbers crunch.

MTL–Points, 53; Games Played, 55; Games Remaining, 27; Points Available, 54; Max Possible Points, 107.

The best the Habs can do right now is 107 points, assuming they run the table.  Right now, the team in 8th place is Toronto, with 62 points.  That leaves the Habs only 45 points to work with down the stretch, going into Friday’s games.  If the teams ahead of them win, that 45 is going to come down regardless, even if the Canadiens win their own games.  And that’s also assuming that teams currently out of the top 8 keep underperforming, which–Caps, I’m looking really hard at you–ain’t gonna happen.

If the Habs play .500 hockey the rest of the way, they’re going to finish with 80 points, and that’s not going to do it, not by a long shot.  The Habs essentially have to play .700 hockey for the rest of the season just to get to 91 points and have any halfway realistic hope of a postseason bid.

I’m not going to say that they haven’t got a prayer, but if all of Montreal takes the Church seriously and asks for Divine help for the Canadiens, you never know.  Miracles do happen, even in unlikely places like athletics.

Are the Canadiens’ struggles part of God’s plan to bring people back to Him in Montreal?  No one on Earth will ever be able to say for sure; I certainly don’t dare answer that question.  But it is an intriguing question, isn’t it?




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