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A Rant: Glad I DVR’ed That Game January 12, 2012

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Because I sure didn’t see very much of it at the arena.

I spent most of the game watching the heads of the idiots in front of me, who were leaning so far forward that I have to wonder in print if they were trying to hug the fans in Row C or something.

For better or worse, the seats to my right were empty.  I hope my comrades in arms in seats 18 and 19 are all right:  I have to suspect an emergency for those seats to be empty with the Penguins in town.  But as they were empty, I was moved to the aisle, which at least got me a mostly unobstructed view of the Caps-shoot-once end.  But I still couldn’t see anything on my left, so I had a word with the usher.

The usher told the leaners to sit back, and they gave him a colorful earful.  The usher got his supervisor; she ended up getting her supervisor; and by the time the 3rd period was over, there was a good-sized contingent of event staff at the 417/418 portal.

NOT that it helped me see the game any better.  Despite my pleading with the supervisor–complete with pictures from my cell phone showing most of the rink being blocked–I was told the best they could do was tell these jokers to sit back–which they plainly had no intention whatsoever of doing.

I made do as best I could, but I was starting to wonder in the third period if I might get a better view from a sports bar than I was getting from the seat I (ahem) pay for in Section 417.  Being told by event staff that there’s essentially nothing they can do is not the right answer.  When you’re saying that the only thing you can do is ask someone politely to do something they obviously have no intention of doing, you’re saying there’s nothing you can do.

After the game, I went to my Guest Services rep and showed him the photos on my phone.  He told me that if that happened again, grab Guest Services–they apparently have more options than the Verizon Center staff, if I understood it correctly (which I might not have, being as incensed as I was by game’s end).  But Guest Services has no locations close to 417.  I either have to go downstairs to 115, or all the way to the other side of the upper concourse in Section 402.  Meaning I either have to get there at the intermission, or miss a good chunk of the action to go there–which is cutting off my nose to spite my face in a situation like that.

Long story short, Caps shut the Penguins out, Vokoun is making a full peal’s worth of ten-bell saves, Hendricks wins his bout, Caps pick up two points in the standings, the Penguins get zero power plays, the Pittsburgh faithful are pretty much silent all night, and instead of coming home happy as a clam at a good Caps win–over the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS, no less–I’m steaming like a bushel of crabs at the selfish dorks in front of me who are blocking my view of the ice, and an event staff that’s telling me there’s nothing they can do to stop them.

Wishing those selfish leaner jerks would die in a fire would be too cliche, and also too kind.  No, I’m going to have to be out-and-out nasty:  I wish them upon themselves, and may the government learn their names.–CS



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