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For Those Who Missed Me October 9, 2011

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

I don’t miss Opening Night easily.

Had a couple of people wondering where I was, so will post this and have done with it.

I was actually in the emergency room last night, dealing with a bad case of gastroenteritis. And I mean bad. Judging by the clock on my room’s wall, it would have been right in the middle of the national anthem when I engaged in some, shall we say, therapeutic ralphing. That’s what my nurse actually called it, by the way, with a bit of a grin. She’s seen it before, God love her.

So, if I’d actually been there, most of the first five rows of 417, and maybe even a few unlucky souls down on club, would have ended up with a dry cleaning bill, and housekeeping would have had less than 48 hours to Fabreeze the place to death. Just as well I wasn’t there, yes?

I’m feeling better, so I should be there Monday night as intended.

I’m told I missed a heck of a hockey game, so I’ll make sure I’m there for the rest of the home slate.

Your prayers and well-wishes are appreciated. See you all Monday night.–CS


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