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A Few Random Observations: vs BUF, 9/30/11 October 1, 2011

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That wasn’t exactly one for the scrapbook, but at least the Caps’ come-from-behind game seems to be working.

  • There’s an old hockey adage that says, of goals, that they don’t ask how, they ask how many. Of leads, then, we can say that they don’t ask how long, they just ask when.
  • Memo to future anthem singers: Rendering “The Star-Spangled Banner” in D means most of the crowd can’t sing along with you. So if you mess up, it will be picked up on. If you’re going to start out in D, you’d better finish there. Don’t start in D, go flat to the point where you’re in C, and then try to make up for it by nailing a showoff high note at the end.
  • Didn’t see what Matt Hendricks got four for–was looking the other way–but since it was Rooney’s call, I doubt I missed much.
  • Both goalies had their moments, but they also had a few miscues. Although, in Vokoun’s defense, you can make a case that his defense hung him out to dry on all three of the regular goals. In the end, Miller had one more miscue than Vokoun in the shootout, and there was your final.
  • Speaking of the shootout…while I can appreciate Matt Hendricks’ ability to shake and bake like San Francisco in 1906, I’m not sure how many more goalies he can fake out with that routine. Miller certainly didn’t bite tonight.
  • Also…Cody Eakin in the sudden death part of the shootout? Against Ryan Miller? That was–I’ll be diplomatic–an unorthodox move, though it would have been pure genius if it had worked.
  • Now, then…if you’re going to try to sit your entire group in seats you’re not all ticketed for, don’t come waltzing in an hour after the game starts, go to the seats with the puck in play, ask if anyone’s sitting there, and then look at me like I ought to drop dead when I tell you to sit down fast because the puck’s in play.
  • And memo to the event staff: “If they’re not causing trouble, we’ll leave them be” is not the right answer, in my book.
  • As a follow-up: the Georgetown banners were right where they ought to be.
  • As for who was voting for “Weird” Al Yankovic at the intermission: don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for any of those, to be honest.
  • I’m sorry, but Kanye West cannot do Daft Punk better than Daft Punk.
  • Missing “Salute to the Troops.” No feature runs forever, but that one is one that I miss.
  • My take on the netting controversy: the black netting was a welcome non-sight tonight.
  • Back to the game, though. You’ll notice that I’ve had little to say about the game itself tonight. Well, nothing really stood out, for better or worse. The game moved quickly, special teams did okay, the officiating wasn’t completely execrable, and nothing really jumped out at me as “WHOA! Did you SEE that?!” But by the same token, I wasn’t exactly doing facepalms all night, either. Yes, there were some extremely close calls throughout at both ends of the ice. But overall, this one seemed like just another notch in the preseason gunbelt, at least as seen from the rafters. Now, maybe if the Caps hadn’t been playing from behind most of the night, more might have stuck in my head. As it was, most of my attention was on the “Can they come back?” question. In the end, they did, but only just.
  • One thing I can recall from late: the Caps did seem to have gotten bottled up in their own end during the overtime. They were ultimately saved by the shootout, but that doesn’t happen in the postseason. A lot of defensive zone draws in overtime is one thing in September; it’s quite another in May.

All told, I’ve seen more impressive games at Verizon Center, but I’ve also seen much worse. The Caps got a good come-from-behind win that kept the Buffalo fans from parading around like they own Verizon Center, so I won’t complain. Not every game is going to be one for the scrapbook, and a good night’s work is a good night’s work, even if I’ll forget all about it by the time the puck drops on Sunday.

Just a few hours until my final predictions go up. Hope to see you then.




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