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2011-2012 Capitals Predictions: Part VIII September 29, 2011

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Morning, all.

Today’s position is where we’re going to take a look at outside influences that are going to come into play this season. Outside influences can be fans, family, other teams–anything outside of the team as a whole, though I tend to read this as representing the fans (that’s us). So what am I to make of these two cards–the ACE OF WANDS (Jmri El), and DEATH (Archangel Cassiel)?

Before I write any further, don’t freak out on me because Death is out here. This may actually be good news, but I will get to that in a second. First, this ace.

Aces are very high-energy cards. Essentially, they ARE their element, expressed almost in totality. Wands represent fire, spirit, light…a very high-energy suit. So we’re talking about a high-energy card in a high-energy suit–you think Caps fans are chomping at the bit to get the season started? You have no idea, says the Ace of Wands. We, the fans, are going to be that high-energy reserve that our team draws upon this year. If this ace is correct, I think this could finally be the year that Caps Nation finally figures out this whole unconditional love for our team thing. If so, it’s about time, I say.

Now, bear in mind, I did note a couple of positions back that the beginning of the season could be a bit rocky. Stick with this team, Caps Nation. There are several new faces in the room, some old stalwarts have moved on, and the early going could involve some growing pains. Don’t get discouraged!! We need to continue to be the fire, the spirit, the light of our team. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again here, and in forty-eight hours, you’re going to find out why I’m stressing it all over again.

We have to be the fire that burns in our team. We have to be the spirit that compels our players. We have to be the light that guides our men home. And if you’re not ready to sign off on that, then come back here for Part X and I’m going to stress it all over again…and give you another reason to want to be this ace.

And strangely enough, that leads me right into the other half of this position, Death. For copyright reasons, I cannot scan this card, and I can’t find an image of it online, so I’m going to describe it. This being an angel deck, there’s an angel in the foreground. She’s holding a scythe in her left hand, which runs all the way, vertically, up and down the card, and divides it neatly in half. The angel is holding a lighted lantern in her right hand. On her left–the card’s right–her wing is in shadow, the sky behind her is dark, and there is large crowd of people standing behind her. On the angel’s right–the card’s left–her wing is a bright white, the colors on the ground are much brighter, but there’s nothing animate in the background.

Now, some background on Death, the card, so that nobody freaks out on me here. It usually has nothing to do with the demise of the physical body. It usually means that something is coming to an end. That’s it. It’s not that scary of a card, really. Because something new usually follows from whatever it was that ended. It’s like the old song says: every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. (And yeah, it is an old song at this point. Twentieth century old. Man, I feel like a dinosaur.)

Now, here’s the part where it gets a little complex, so stay with me on this. Go back over the description of the card, and try to understand it as best you can. My interpretation of this card in this position is as follows: I think the crowd that’s in the dark behind the angel is us. You, me, and Capitals fans everywhere. For thirty years and change–less for some, admittedly–we’ve been gnashing our teeth in the darkness, watching our team underperform when it counts. For a lot of us, it can be hard to keep cheering for a team that so consistently manages to let us down.

But there is a way out of that: there is a light shining before us, a way forward, a chance to leave our darkness and despair behind. It is time for us–all of us–to step forward, follow the light, and leave our old disappointments behind. There is a new season before us; a new start; a chance to Believe anew. What needs to end, is our pessimism, and our incessant waiting on the drop of the other shoe.

Taken together, the message these cards have for us, the fans, is hard to misstate. We need to be the fire for our team, and let our old doubts go away. These Capitals, right now, have what they need to win the Stanley Cup. It is now up to us, each and every one, to be a full source of spiritual support for them. If our players give all they have on the ice, while we give all we have off it, there is no telling how far this team can go.

Oh, wait…there is. That’s what the Outcome position is all about. 🙂

But before we get there, we need to take a look at some of the unseen influences that may come into play. That’s tomorrow, 8 AM, and I hope to see you back here then.–CS



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