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2011-2012 Capitals Predictions: Part VII September 28, 2011

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Good morning, everyone, and I hope yesterday’s post didn’t make you lose any sleep.

Today, we’re going to look at the energies surrounding the team as a whole, and I’m going to discuss the potential involvement of a major archangel in the season to come. The position we’re looking at today deals with what the team is bringing to the table, where they are, and what’s the condition of the ground on which they stand. The two cards in this position are the 9 OF SWORDS (Behemi El) and THE STARS (Archangel Uriel).

First, let me address the 9 of Swords, because it’s the less pleasant of the two. The 9 of Swords represents cruelty, nightmares, suffering, despair…yeah, not a pleasant card, is it? In fact, I’m reminded of a toy I got from a family friend when I had surgery done way back in 4th grade. (Bear with me!) It was called “Nine of Swords,” and if my parents had known that was a tarot reference, they probably wouldn’t have let me have the thing. The puzzle involved nine plastic swords, which had to be slid through a diagonal cube, with three swords on each axis. I never actually solved the thing: the swords were cheap plastic, and one of them broke inside the (impossible to open) cube. But while it was intact, it drove me nuts trying to figure it out. Nine of Swords, indeed!

What this represents, I believe, is the frustration that the entire team has felt, and maybe even still is feeling, about last season’s unceremonious playoff ouster. If getting swept out of the playoffs doesn’t make a hockey professional feel despair, nothing will.

HOWEVER. That’s not the only card in this position.

The other card in this position is The Stars. (And I don’t mean Dallas, either.) The Stars, at their simplest, represent hope, faith, peace, and a whole lot of other, very welcome aspects. On a clear night, you can navigate by the stars, so there’s kind of a sense of “finding the way home” with this card, as well. While there’s technically no such thing as good cards or bad cards, The Stars is definitely a card I like to see.

Putting the 9 of Swords together with The Stars–seemingly two completely contradictory cards–actually isn’t that hard. The Capitals are coming into this season fully cognizant that they let a lot of people down last spring–not the least of all, themselves. Losing to the Bolts in four straight was a very hard way for the season to end, and I suspect that quite a few players on the roster used it as motivation to train that much harder this summer.

But now that the despair is over, they’re coming into this season with unbridled hope. They know they can do this. Each and every man on that roster knows damn well that this team, and these players, have everything it takes, right now, to win the Stanley Cup, this year. They know it. We know it. And I think it’s safe to say the whole hockey world knows it, too. They were bowed, and they were beaten. But this team is now ready to reach for the stars.

Now, as for Archangel Uriel.

If Uriel were a hockey player, he’d be Donald Brashear. This is one archangel that you just do not mess with. He’s God’s enforcer, he does not tolerate evil, and he’s really looking forward to Judgement Day, when he will drag the iniquitous before the Throne in chains.

Uriel also isn’t all that into sports. Some angels are, believe it or not. In fact, unless I miss my guess, every sports team in the world probably has its own individual guardian angel. According to the Talmud, every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.” Is it that much of a leap from there to the idea that groups of people, sports teams included, would have an angel assigned to the group, as well? Even excepting that, individual players have their own individual angels already. And the idea that Alexander Ovechkin’s guardian angel doesn’t like hockey at all seems a bit of a stretch. So, yes, I have to submit that there are some sports fans amongst the heavenly host.

But Uriel wouldn’t be one of them, so his involvement with the team–as indicated by this card in this position–has me scratching my head. Why would God’s chief enforcer get involved with a sports team, when he doesn’t much care for athletic competition to begin with?

One thing I know about Uriel is that he’s not going to get involved with any venture that would be–to crib a line from Sergei Lukyanenko–injurious to the cause of Light. So if the Capitals are trying to pull a “Catholic school” strategy–that is, trying to win because they’re “the good guys”–then it might actually work, if it’s true that Uriel’s getting involved.

Overall, I like what I see here: it speaks of lessons learned, high aspirations, and perhaps even some higher assistance.

Now, not to scare anybody or anything, but Death is in the position I’ll be talking about tomorrow. See you tomorrow, right back here, at 8 AM.–CS



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