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2011-2012 Capitals Predictions: Part IV September 25, 2011

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Rise and shine, Caps Nation. It’s 8 AM, and you know what that means.

Today we’re going to be looking at the Recent Past position. These two cards show influences that are either just passing or are about to pass. Essentially, this is the old stuff that’s going away. Bear in mind, I did draw the cards for this a while ago, so this may be a bit older than slightly old now that this has gone to press.

Of the two cards in this position, one is something I’m glad to see going away, but the other concerns me a bit. The one I’m glad to see going away is the 7 OF SWORDS (Doumi El), and the “uh-oh” is the ACE OF PENTACLES (Gamali El).

The 7 of Swords is one of tarot’s ways of saying, “Hey! No fair!” It’s like being short-stacked in a poker tournament, getting Ace-King under the gun, moving all in, and getting two callers: one with a suited Ace-King, and the other with pocket aces. (Yes, that really has happened to me at the poker table.) Hey! No fair! That kind of situation is very, VERY 7 of Swords. I’d make a Nancy Pelosi reference here, but a) that would be way too easy, and b) I’m trying to keep the current events content to a minimum in this series. So, onwards…

7 of Swords…no fair, that bites, are you kidding me? That’s the kind of energy you’re dealing with here. So I’m glad to see that going away. I’m guessing that the cards are sort of commiserating over the playoff loss to Tampa Bay here, because the offseason has, I submit, gone smashingly. The Tampa series was a heartbreaker, a very 7 of Swords kind of way to end the season, and that’s probably what the cards are referring to here. Don’t forget, this deck goes with me to Caps games, so it may be just a tiny bit partisan in some of its pronouncements. Still, 7 of Swords going away…I’ll take it.

What worries me is the Ace of Pentacles. And maybe I’m over-concerned here, making The Tower out of a 5, which I have a way of doing sometimes. The Ace of Pentacles is about material gain, so I’m slightly concerned to see it going away.

Now, I could be over-reacting here, and here’s why this may be better news than I think. What this could be referring to, is all the offseason acquisitions. The Caps did address a whole lot of needs in very short order in early July, which would very much be an Ace of Pentacles type of situation. Lots of new faces in the room this year, as always in hockey, and the cards seem to be saying that the offseason has been, well, aced.

Taken together–when you put the 7 of Swords together with the Ace of Pentacles–the cards seem to be saying here that yeah, the playoffs were a clunker, but the team has rebuilt nicely over the summer and is ready to take a very strong shot at the Cup this year.

But my concern here, is that the Ace is in the past. That seems to indicate that the majority of the good moves have already been made, and that the only roster adjustments we may see during the season itself won’t quite be as gainful as the host of moves over the summer.

Now, perhaps that could mean that George McPhee really was playing it straight when he said he’s happy with the team as of July. Not that I distrust Mr. McPhee, but he typically doesn’t show his cards like that. It’s out of character: he’s usually got something shrewd going on, and I don’t think he’s going to stand pat all season. But this Ace in the past seems to be hinting that the major changes are done, and all that’s left is some minor tweaks. If that’s it, then hey, next position.

But the other possibility is that if there IS a blockbuster move, that it may not quite work out. If this Ace that’s going away is telling me the truth, that would mean the major gains are over; thus, another attempted “major gain” this season might be illusory.

Again, I don’t want to over-react here–I can do that sometimes–but seeing an Ace in the past is a bit of a yellow flag for me. Good news that’s going away is something I don’t much care to see.

However, my initial read on it was that these two cards, together, reflect both the bummer of a way our season ended last spring, and that the offseason moves to prepare the team for the season ahead were well-executed. That was my first impression of this combination, and your first impression is usually the right one. I may be over-thinking it a bit in being worried about that Ace in the past.

That said, the major gains seem to be done. That part I can’t quite feel comfortable with, is seeing an Ace on its way out. It’s not panic territory, but it is worry territory.

Tomorrow, we’re going to start looking ahead. This is where the fun starts, ladies, gentlemen, and hockey fans of all ages. Tomorrow may be a little on the quiet side, but after that, we’re going to be dealing with a whole lot of Majors, not all of them pleasant. I’ve already written that The Hanged Man is out there; and I’ve also written that Death is out there, too. I’ve also written that a major archangel, one I did not expect, may be taking an interest in this team. I’ve been teasing that stuff long enough, and over the next four days, I am going to get to all of that. Promise. Tomorrow’s going to be a bit quiet: there are a couple of minors here, but one of them actually comments on one of the cards I discussed today.

So I’ll see you at 8 AM tomorrow, same Caps time, same Caps blog.–CS



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