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2011-2012 Capitals Predictions: Part II September 23, 2011

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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Part II.

The second position in a Celtic Cover spread is the “crossing” position. There are a lot of ways this position gets interpreted: some read it as “the road you’re on”, some read it as “an obstacle in the way,” and some even read it as “well, it sounds good, but not so fast…” Probably the best way to sum all of that up is to simply say, “This is what covers you,” because that’s what a crossing card does: it literally covers the first card. So another way you can read this–and the way I’m going to read it here–is to take it as the larger atmosphere surrounding the question.

The two cards in the Crossing position are the 10 OF CHALICES (Jehadri El), and the 3 OF PENTACLES (Ereh Jah).

Those of you who read Part I yesterday–if you haven’t, please go back and do that–know that I referenced the 10 of Chalices as the “happily ever after” card. So what’s that doing in the here and now, especially with how last season ended?

My read on that is that the team, the fans, everyone associated with the Capitals is LOOKING for that Happily Ever After, and more to the point, EXPECTING that Happily Ever After, and sooner rather than later. The Hockey News said that this would be the Caps’ year, and they’ve got their reasons for saying so. I’ll have none of the curse talk: if previous events were any guide, the Caps should have been in the Stanley Cup Final last year after winning the Winter Classic. The Caps do have a historical way of telling trends where to go, and not always in a positive way. But I digress, again.

Back to the 10 of Chalices. The expectation from a lot of DC hockey fans is that this is the year–almost that it has to be the year, although I can’t endorse a strained desire. What do I mean by that? There does come a point where wanting something more than anything else in the world becomes the most sure-fire way of actually keeping that something away. It’s okay to want something–focusing on what you WANT, and not on what you DON’T want, is a major rule in the art of manifestation. The Universe doesn’t understand, for instance, “I don’t want it to rain on my parade.” What you’re thinking about, what you’re attracting, is the rain on your parade, and if you keep thinking “No, no, no, don’t rain on my parade,” then it’s actually going to rain on your parade. The right way to frame that desire would be, “I want a sunny day for my parade.”

Now, what the heck does that have to do with the Capitals, and what’s up with this whole “strained desire” business? See, when you start getting into the realm of “I reeeeeeally want the Capitals to win, REEEEEEAL BAD!!!”, then you actually are sending out more of an “I don’t want the Caps to lose” vibe. See where that goes?

The key to keeping up a high expectation–a 10 of Chalices expectation, a Happily Ever After expectation–is to do just that: expect it. But don’t force it: “Please, please, please, please win!” ends up being read as “Please don’t lose,” which ends up being read as “Please lose.” Expect; anticipate; but above all, accept what happens with love, no matter what happens in any one game, period, shift, whatever. Understand that expectations have a way of becoming intentions, and intentions have a way of becoming outcomes. If we all lovingly expect, and intend, the best, that would be no small 7th man, spiritually speaking.

And honestly–I’m way off topic here, but this is what I’m thinking as I read these cards, so it plays–I think part of the reason the Caps seem to have been so hard-luck as of late, is over-intention, desperation, that whole “strained desire” bit. I think part of what the 10 of Chalices is saying here is, It’s okay to expect the best, but also remember that happiness and love go hand in hand. So love the Caps as they are, and not how you wish they should be. This is our team, no matter who we’d rather have (or not have) on the roster. Our players–all of them–deserve our support–all of it. And that means accepting the occasional setback as a necessary step on a much larger journey. No hockey team is going to go 82-0 in the regular season, and then go 16-0 in the postseason. Losses happen, sometimes in bunches; but the more we intend “No more losing!”, the greater the danger that we end up intending, “More losing, please.” Again, the Universe doesn’t get this whole “I DON’T want that” concept. You manifest what you’re thinking about. And if you think, “I DON’T want my chocolate to melt,” what you’re thinking about is melting chocolate, so melt your chocolate will. Get the point?

Don’t strain. Don’t panic. Don’t want victory so badly that you end up subconsciously intending–and ultimately creating–your own defeat. Like they said in that Nissan commercial back in the day, Life is a journey; enjoy the ride. (That’s quite possibly one of the most epic car commercials in history, by the way, and sorry for the so-so video quality.) A hockey season is a long road, full of many twists and turns. It’s tough to love the team on a losing night, but those are the nights when it’s needed the most. Happily Ever After usually doesn’t happen without some danger along the way.

Another thing. 10, from a numerological standpoint, is a number of rebirth, and Chalices represent emotions, typically love. So there’s also a bit of “love reborn” with this card. In fact, what I want to challenge my readers with is this: go back to when you first became a Capitals fan. I don’t care if that was last spring, or back in the Ford administration: go back to your first love in your mind, and bring that emotion forward in your mind. Experience it again; revel in it; and do all you can to keep that with you. Don’t forget what it meant to discover a game to love, a team to love, and a newfound family of fellow Capitals fans. Remember that newfound love. And this year, love these Capitals just that much.

Yes, there have been way too many disappointments in the past. But what’s in the past is the past, even now in the present; and the present will only be the past of the future to come. Let the past be the past, love this team in the present, and the future will take care of itself.

Good heavens, that’s a lot for one card. We’ve still got another one to talk about today, and that’s the 3 of Pentacles. I’ll try to keep the word count in this part merely in triple digits, and no more, but no promises.

3 is a number that tends to deal with completion and initial success. Three dimensions…the Trinity…past-present-future…beginning-middle-end…three-act plays…goalie-defensemen-forwards…you get the idea. There’s a bit of an “Okay, check this off, next up?” vibe to the number 3. And Pentacles deal with the physical and material, so if I take this as a straight rank-and-suit read, I could say that the Capitals, as of now, seem to have taken care of their material needs as well as could be expected this offseason. 3 has a different sense of completion than 7 or 9: it’s more a case of, “So far, very good,” than “over and done with for good.” So, there’s an atmosphere of some initial success right now in terms of the Earth side of things: the physical, material, resources, that sort of thing.

Now, as far as personnel go, George McPhee said he liked this roster a couple of months ago, and since he’s the professional, I’ll trust his judgement.

Also, since I’m such a fail player in Be a GM mode in EA Sports’ NHL series, I know I couldn’t do any better if I tried.


There’s also a possibility that this could also be referring to the Caps’ overall financial health: that the team is making good progress from a financial standpoint. (Given how much my tickets went up this year, they’d better be!) I’ll throw that out here briefly, though I’m not going to speculate too much about it, as a) it’s really not my place to do so, and b) there won’t (and shouldn’t) be any confirmation from the team one way or the other. Again, this is one possible meaning for this card, and I’m going to mention it, but that’s it.

Now, taken together, what does that mean in terms of what’s covering the team? Well, first, these are both pleasant cards to see, so there’s a lot of good mojo working around the team right now as the season is about to get underway. We’re happy hockey is back; the roster looks nicely upgraded; and an air of pleased expectation seems to be the general mood as the season gets closer.

Also, expectations are through the roof this year. I don’t want to say the overall expectation is Stanley Cup or bust, but only being on the right side of one handshake line next spring is not going to cut it. This team looks ready for that (10 of Chalices) Happily Ever After, and it’s (3 of Pentacles) ready to do so from a material standpoint. The roster looks ready; the players are no doubt ready; the fans have been ready; but now what?

It would help to take a look back before we look forward. So, tomorrow, we’re going to look at the Distant Past position, and see what’s still hanging around the team.

See you right back here tomorrow, 8 AM Washington time.–CS



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