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2011-2012 Capitals Predictions: Prologue September 21, 2011

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I have to admit, coming into this, that I’m not quite sure I want to write all of this up like I did last year. I’ve been dealing with some off-ice matters, so to speak, not least of which was a hospital admission not long ago. They caught a pulmonary embolism, and told me I was, quote, “very, very, very lucky.”

That’s led to a whole lot of soul searching lately, and a couple of projects I’d hoped to get started here have had to take a back seat. But this is something I can do: deal the cards, do the write-up as time permits, and roll the whole thing out once everything’s done. So, let’s do it.

My assessment of the team, coming in, is that the Capitals have the potential to win the whole thing. The Hockey News actually said the Capitals would win the whole thing, which led to some chirping about a curse. I don’t buy that, mostly because I think it’s bad luck to be superstitious. (Get it? Oh, and don’t ANYONE ever say that to Braden Holtby…)

So, shuffle up, deal ’em out, and let’s have a look…

Deck: Shining Angels Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)
Spread: Celtic Cover
Question: “What does the 2011-2012 season hold for the Washington Capitals?”

Okay, there are a LOT of contrasts on this spread. I’m using a Celtic Cover, which involves dealing two cards at each of ten positions. And there are a couple of cards out here which I frankly don’t like to see. There are a few too many Swords out here for my taste, and The Hanged Man is showing up again this year. Readers with good memories–or an obsession with my archives–may recall that The Hanged Man turned up last year when I did this series. This year, he’s in a position that makes me think the season may start off on a sour note.

And, not to freak anybody out or anything, but Death is on this layout somewhere. You’ll have to keep reading to see where…as well as why I think it may actually be good news.

Also of note is one major archangel that seems to be taking an interest in the team as a whole. I’ll tell you who it is, and I’ll try to figure out why he’s interested, when I get to that position.

As for where I think the season will ultimately end, let’s just say that I’ve looked at the two cards in the Outcome position, and I’m trying to convince myself that they mean something other than that which they plainly do. Because I do NOT want to put this down as my final prediction for the season. You’ll find out why, in Part X.

Now, then…intrigued? Part I goes live at 8 AM tomorrow. See you then.–CS


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