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A Look At the Math, 3/14/11 March 14, 2011

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Okay, note to self: keep sharp eye on browser tabs when updating charts. Multiple tabs editing same chart: not good.

Anyway, a light skate around the NHL, as you’d expect on a Monday night. Practically NOTHING going on in the Eastern Conference math (other than the Rangers, see below.) Out West, it’s another story.

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS. Idle. Would be eliminated from President’s Trophy consideration and 1 West with a Vancouver win.

EDMONTON OILERS. Idle. Would be eliminated from 11 West, and 3 Northwest, with a Minnesota win.

MINNESOTA WILD. At Vancouver. Would be eliminated from President’s Trophy consideration, 1 Northwest, and 3 West with a regulation loss.

NEW YORK RANGERS. Idle. Would be eliminated from President’s Trophy consideration with a Vancouver win or overtime/shootout.

SAN JOSE SHARKS. At Chicago. Can clinch 13 West with a win.

VANCOUVER CANUCKS. Minnesota. Can clinch 12 West with any win. Can clinch 11 West, and 2 Northwest, with a regulation win.

The Caps, meanwhile, are now single-digit midgets as far as magic numbers go. Their magic number to clinch the playoffs is 8. There is a logjam of teams currently bunched up at 96 Max Possible Points, so the Caps (currently at 90) could keep me very busy at this chart if they keep winning like they’ve been doing.

I’m not trying to jinx anything here, but the Caps are in a position where they could theoretically slide into the playoffs just from out-of-town results. Of course, keeping on winning is preferable. Philadelphia is within reach, and the 1 East spot isn’t quite the pipe dream that it was a couple of weeks ago. But then, on the other hand, you have to start sweating the possibility of New Jersey sneaking into the 8 spot, having simply refused to roll over and die when they could have. The next few weeks of Capitals hockey could quite possibly feature more intrigue than an Osmond family barbecue.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m a Maple Leafs fan for one night tonight, as Toronto hosts Tampa Bay. So, just for tonight: Go Leafs Go!



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