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A Look At the Math, 3/9/11 March 9, 2011

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Short and sweet today:

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS. Can clinch 14 West with a win and an Edmonton regulation loss.

EDMONTON OILERS. Would be eliminated from 4th in the West with a regulation loss and a Chicago win.

Curiously enough, both opponents for those Western Conference teams tonight are in the Southeast Division. Chicago is down in the Sunshine State for a tangle with Tampa Bay; Edmonton is in the District for tonight’s game against the Caps.

Now, I hope the Caps aren’t going to take the Oilers for granted, or play down to their level. They’ve been known to do that. It’s the Oilers at the other end of the rink tonight, and not anybody good, so I hope that the Caps will bring out the whuppin’ stick. It would be nice to have a good, convincing, start-to-finish, feel-good romp at Verizon Center for once. The Caps’ last home game that they really dominated at home was back on February 6th, against Pittsburgh. I don’t care how well-played a game is: if the margin of victory is one goal, domination it ain’t. So it’s been over a month since the Caps have really had a command performance at home. The Caps are due for one, and since this is the doormat of this year’s NHL at the other end tonight, I expect a thorough and merciless beat-down by the boys in red.

Now, then, the math for the Caps. Their clinch number heading into tonight’s action is 18. Essentially, 9 more wins and they’re in, no matter what happens elsewhere. And if they get help on the out of town scoreboard, they could, if they play well, have their dance invites in hand by the time they come home from their upcoming road trip.

For what it’s worth, the Caps’ doomsday number is currently 43.

See you all at the rink tonight.–CS



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