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A Look At the Math, 3/6/11 March 6, 2011

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Busy Saturday night around the rinks. Detroit has locked up at least the 14 West spot, and we’ve got some math on the Sunday slate, as well.

PHILADELPHIA FLYERS. Can clinch 14 East with a win or overtime/shootout.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS. Would be eliminated from President’s Trophy consideration with a regulation loss; a Vancouver win; or an overtime/shootout loss AND a Vancouver overtime/shootout loss.

Now for the Capitals.

Their magic number to clinch is 22 right now, against the Rangers, and I’m going to lead with that. Caps fans, pay attention to the Flyers-Rangers game on NBC today, and pray that it ends in regulation. If the Flyers win in regulation, the Caps will be down to 20 to clinch, before they even step onto the ice at the Litter Box. On the other hand, if the Rangers can take the Flyers down, Philadelphia will be just a tiny bit more within reach, but the Caps won’t get any playoff help from out of town. The Caps also have two points of their own that they can (should!) win against Florida, so if they’re both lucky and good, they could be a mere 18 points away from locking up a playoff berth.

Now the bad news. The Caps’ doomsday number is down to 44, against Buffalo. That’s still too many points to lose on their own, but let’s hope we don’t have to test that. Buffalo is idle today, meaning the Caps can’t get hurt from out of town. So this could potentially be a very good day at the office for the Caps, if they can take care of business.

Good luck, Caps…do your part to make it a 4-point day!




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