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A Look At the Math, 3/3/11 March 3, 2011

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Eleven games on the docket in March should mean somebody’s got something mathematical going on, and wouldn’t you know it?

Let’s take these in order, top to bottom on the chart.

PHILADELPHIA FLYERS. Can clinch 14th in the East with a win and any Ottawa loss, or an overtime/shootout loss and an Ottawa regulation loss.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS. Would be eliminated from President’s Trophy consideration with a Vancouver win.

OTTAWA SENATORS. Would be eliminated from 1st in the East with any loss and a Philadelphia win, or a regulation loss and a Philadelphia overtime/shootout loss.

DETROIT RED WINGS. Can clinch 14th in the West with a win, an overtime/shootout loss, or any Edmonton loss.

Not much C and E action for an eleven-game slate, but it is still early March.

The Capitals are in action tonight, versus St. Louis. As I noted yesterday, the Capitals’ playoff clinch number is 26, and their doomsday number is 47. A win would bring the clinch number down to 24; an extra-session loss would bring the clinch number to 25, and the doomsday number to 46; and a regulation loss would take the doomsday number to 45. That’s what the Capitals control, but as you might expect with a loaded schedule, there are other games which could help or hurt the Caps.

One game for Caps fans to definitely keep an eye on is B’s-Bolts: both of those teams are ahead of the Caps, and somebody is about to lose some ground. Tampa Bay just lost Wednesday night in New Jersey, as well, so you have to think the Bruins have the upper hand here: at home, did not play last night, won their last six consecutive games, all on the road…you get the idea. Caps fans should be watching this result like a hawk (or an eagle, or their NHL Guardian…) and hoping for a Bruins win in sixty.

Another game to keep an eye on is Sabres-Hurricanes. Carolina is currently the Max Possible 8, so if they lose, that doesn’t necessarily impact our playoff chances right away. It does, however, mean the Caps can climb up the standings into a better playoff seed that much quicker. But there is a catch to that, and I’ll get to that in a second.

The game you really want to pay attention to here is Wild-Rangers. If Minnesota wins, and the Caps win, the Caps’ magic number would be down to 22.

Now for a serving of OhNoe’s Mass Hysteria…

The doomsday number is 47. And although a Carolina loss would help the Caps move up the seedings, any points by Buffalo will come off the Caps’ doomsday number. So if the Sabres win, the doomsday number is down to 45; any points the Caps leave on the table would reduce that still further. The Carolina-Buffalo game is going to be another one of those that Caps fans will want to see ending in sixty minutes flat.

The Blues are a hard-hitting bunch, so expect some fireworks at the Phone Booth tonight. See you there.




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