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“Do You Believe?” January 21, 2011

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Before the start of this season, I changed the tag line on this blog. Even though this still is “Where Hockey and Spirituality Collide,” I opted to have this blog ask an open question: “Do You Believe?”

While I do intend, in part, to make the reader consider a much higher, capital-B Belief, sometimes that question can be a little more down-to-Earth.

Take this article in Thursday’s DC Examiner. It seems there are some in the room who are doubting, at least, if Mr. McNally’s reportage is to be taken to heart.

And so, even though I doubt this will ever be seen by its intended audience, here is the message I would give right now.

Guys, I know it’s been a rough season. You’re not winning the way you used to last year. You’ve been having trouble scoring lately. You’ve been falling behind early, and playing from behind more than I know you’d like. You’ve been bitten by the injury bug. It’s obvious to every fan that this was not exactly the season you had in mind.

I’m not here to criticize. There’s a time for that, but this isn’t one of those times. Instead, I’m going to challenge you with one question. Do You Believe?

There’s an old proverb that says that if the bed has no stones, the river cannot sing. Losing is not fun. Falling behind early is not fun. Getting booed in your own building is not fun. There have been many, many stones in your beds for several weeks now. So, how then will you respond? Will you bemoan the bumpy journey…or use those stones to sing? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, this adversity will help you find your voice? Do you think there might just be a higher reason for your struggles? Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?

Horace once wrote that adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant. Perhaps these trying times you’re facing are your proving ground–a place for you to learn lessons you never would learned if you were constantly winning. Do you think that maybe, you are being given these struggles in January, that you may overcome in June? Do you think it’s possible that this might all be part of a much higher plan for all of you? Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?

And then there was William A. Ward, who said that adversity causes some men to break, others to break records. Which of those will you do? Will you bemoan your fate all the way to the bitter end? Or will you take these lessons, and use them to bring forth the greatness that I know is in each and every one of you? Do you think, deep down, that maybe there is so much more within you, and that this is what it takes to find it? Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?

This city has gone nearly two decades without a championship in one of the major sports. And as for the Washington Capitals franchise…well, you know that part already. But might it be possible that this team has struggled for so long, in order for its generational success to be that much greater? Might that greatness be in the refiner’s fire, right now? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, what you are struggling through is the genesis of generational greatness? Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?

For some of you, this season hasn’t been the sort of year, individually, that you expected. Some of you, it seems, haven’t been yourselves recently. To that, I would tell you all that if God loves you just the way you are, that you should do the same for yourselves. Be who you are, and who you always have been, for no one else will ever be you. Do you think that perhaps, this season of struggle is what you need, to ultimately be the very best that you can possibly be? Do you accept that you are loved as you are, and that you don’t have to be anyone other than who you always have been? Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?

The Stanley Cup Finals are still about five months away, give or take. The way is long, arduous, and filled with all manner of ways to fail. And yet. AND YET. Perhaps the struggles you’re facing now, are what will give you the strength to call on when the way ahead seems impassable. Perhaps the lessons you are taught here, in the safety of January, will not have to be learned in the danger of May. I’ll dare to ask it: might the struggles you’ve gone through for so long, be just what you need to win the Stanley Cup? Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?

Do You Believe that everything happens for a purpose?

Do You Believe that greatness can only be found through adversity?

Do You Believe that what you are going through now, is a chance for you to become so much better than you otherwise could have been?

Do You Believe that if you stand firm, learn, and grow from this experience, that you can only be that much better, at just the time you have to be?

Do You Believe–do you dare to Believe–that despite, no because of your struggles, that you will emerge as a Stanley Cup contender…and, I dare to say it, a Stanley Cup Champion?

Gentlemen, I have to ask…Do You Believe?




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