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Instant Reaction: at Rangers, 12/12/10 December 13, 2010

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These losses give Caps Nation pains,
While our place in the standings still wanes.
The last loss this un-pretty
In the Empire City
Was the term of the POTUS from Plains.

Right now, there are no doubt calls for heads to start rolling in Arlington. I don’t entirely disagree, but for now, I’d be satisfied if the Caps went bowling with lettuce. (Get it? Bowling with lettuce? Heads rolling? Oh, never mind.)

Next up for the Caps is a scrappy Ducks team. The Ducks play a hard-nosed game, and aren’t afraid to get nasty. I’m not surprised–if I were playing on a hockey team that got named after a Disney movie, I’d have a perpetual chip on my shoulder, too.

Neuvirth will probably get the start, and I hope he’s got the film of tonight’s Ducks-Wild game down to memory by then. If not, it could be another unforgettable night for Corey Perry, who added a pair of assists to his hat trick against Minnesota Sunday night.

Slumps like this have a nasty habit of perpetuating themselves. Something different needs to be done Wednesday night against Anaheim. Otherwise, the Caps will be doing the same thing again and expecting a different result. There’s a word for that, but I can’t quite place it.

The Capitals are at a nearly 3-goals-a-game pace for the season. But the trend is your friend, so if I had to put money down on the Caps’ goal total Wednesday night, I’d take the under, sight unseen. And since I’m only betting this in my head, I’d love to lose this one.

May have to go by a coffee shop Wednesday night for an “oct” pre-gamer. I’ve been yawning too much at recent Caps home games. Not that there’s been that much to cheer about at many of them lately, but still…

Hard to believe it’s already been two years since a certain #80 got perhaps the most celebrated DNP in Capitals history. He runs the website, he DJ’s pre-game, and he’s always way too kind when we run into each other on the concourse. Which is my way of setting up a question: Stretch, could you work a little Trans-Siberian Orchestra into the set list at some point in the next couple of weeks? Please? ^_^

Speaking of team officials, my heart goes out to Ted Leonsis: I would not want to be wading through his email box right now.




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