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A Few Quick Notes, 11/28/10 November 28, 2010

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I don’t have a whole lot of time to write everything I’d hoped to write. I’ve got to finish preparing for today’s Carolina tilt sooner than later, so it’s going to be type fast, say as much as possible, and go easy on the backspace key for once (not something I do easily).

We’ve now got some magic numbers to track: the Caps are 100 points from clinching the 14 East spot. We’ve got a game in hand on the Flyers (who also have 34 current points), and so that puts us atop the Eastern Conference in terms of points available. Looking cross-conference, there are only two teams with 150 points or more as their top end: Columbus and Detroit. Detroit has a staggering 154 points available nearly two months into the season, meaning they’ve only given away ten points so far (4 regulation losses and two OTL’s.) Columbus (Columbus?!) also has 150 points available, but they only have 28 currently. Head-to-head, the Caps would own that tie break on my chart, so right now, the Caps are second in the entire NHL in terms of playoff potential. One side note about that, though: The Caps have played more games than both of those teams (24 to Detroit’s 20 and Columbus’s 21), so the Wings and Jackets have gotten a little help from their lighter schedules at this point. If you really want to look that far ahead, the Caps’ magic number to make the playoffs is currently 108 as this is being written.

A win this afternoon against the Hurricanes would bring the Sabres, Islanders, and Oilers onto the board as far as magic numbers go. The Caps would be +100 against Edmonton, and +99 against the Sabres and and Islanders, while moving to +98 against New Jersey. It would also reduce the playoff magic number to 104, as Carolina is the #9 team.

A surprising series clinch last night: Dallas beat St. Louis to take a 6-1 series lead with one game to go. I finally get to put a series loss down for the Blues, and it’s a Western team: how goofy is that? Pretty much every team in the NHL has lost an inter-conference game (or series) at this point, the lone exception being Columbus (Columbus?!). So for the Blues’ first series loss to be in-conference is unusual. So far, only three in-conference series are mathematically certain (Rangers-Toronto, Detroit-Calgary, and now St. Louis-Dallas). The Blues are heading in the wrong direction (3-6-1 over their last ten), and that’s making the Western Conference look complicated. If you check the magic numbers chart, you’ll see that four teams in the West are tied at 147/27. The East, for better or worse, is a lot more spread out.

I also was looking over the Games Remaining chart this morning, and noticed some interesting behind-the-numbers numbers. I hope I can get that written up tonight after the game, because there are actually some very interesting points in there, if you know what to look for. Hope to have something for you all tonight after the Carolina tilt, but I can’t promise that.

That’s all I’ve got time for right now–hope to have more to say this evening.




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