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A Quick Look At The Numbers, 11/1/10 November 1, 2010

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Now that the first month of the season is on the books, we have some idea of how this season might shape up. Lots of hockey left to play before April, but there are a few things we can say right now.

First up, a couple of notes on Games Remaining.

  • Detroit has not played a single game against an Eastern Conference opponent yet.
  • The New York Rangers have played exactly one game against the West, but the series is still active: there will be a rematch.
  • Toronto also has yet to get its Western adventures underway, and you have to think the shorter travel times might have been a factor in their hot early start.
  • Anaheim has already paid its last visit to Detroit. Thrashers faithful won’t be seeing the Sabres on their ice again this season.
  • Toronto and the New York Rangers have exactly one game left, at New York. That’s the only non-division series that’s had 3 games played already.
  • San Jose, Carolina, and Florida have all played just one game each in their divisions, the lightest division schedule this season.

Lots more to discover over there, so give it a click and take a look.

Now, as for Head To Head series…

  • Boston and Phoenix are the only completed series tie so far.
  • Phoenix (there they are again) and Carolina have the fewest “in-progress” series at the moment, at four each.
  • A couple of lopsided columns of note: Boston only trails one series, Tampa Bay is no slouch, Calgary is looking good, and San Jose is being San Jose. Meanwhile, your Washington Capitals have twice as many wins as losses, and twice as many leads as trails. Not bad at all.
  • On the other hand, Buffalo and Ottawa are struggling in many of their series, and New Jersey is royally stinking up the joint: they trail in 7 series. Out West, it’s Minnesota, Vancouver, and Edmonton (all Northwest teams, interestingly enough) which seem to be having trouble in their in-progress series.

And finally, a look at the Magic Numbers.

Boston, Tampa Bay, and Montreal are currently in front of the East in terms of points left available. Boston is one of only two teams (St. Louis is the other) that still has 160 points available. All teams start with 164, so Boston has put together a red-hot October. They’re on pace for something north of 130 points for the season, but you can put me down as an early doubter on that one. The Bruins are vulnerable. Meanwhile, in a comfortable 4th, we find…the Capitals. One regulation loss by the Canadiens, and the Caps would move into the mathematical 3 spot. Interestingly, the top Atlantic Division team right now is Philadelphia, whose top-end score rates 5th overall–even behind, believe it, the “struggling” Washington Capitals. Those quote marks are intentional: you want to see what a real bad season looks like, look at Anaheim or New Jersey.

Or even–and this is the big surprise–Chicago. The defending champs are currently standing 13th out West in terms of points available, due to a heavy October schedule. Now, I suspect they’ll move up a bit as teams ahead of them catch up on their games played. But seeing the defending champs so far down the ladder is a head-scratcher. I know they got rid of a lot of good players (or not–Michal Neuvirth probably doesn’t think so highly of Dustin Byfuglien), but this is ridiculous. I suspect Chicago will win enough to stay competitive, as teams ahead of them come down into their neighborhood. But if the Hawks should do the unthinkable and miss the playoffs entirely, they can thank their horrible start. You can’t win the Stanley Cup in October, but you can lose it, as Anaheim, New Jersey, Buffalo, Phoenix, and possibly even the defending champs may find out.

See you all Wednesday night at the Phone Booth.



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