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What the Devil is Happening In New Jersey?! October 28, 2010

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(And a Few Other Observations)

Updated the Magic Numbers Chart a little earlier this morning, and we now have our first team to drop below 150 points available. To say that the New Jersey Devils have been royally stinking up the joint this month would be a British-grade understatement. Sometimes, it’s not your play in March which ends your season: it’s your play in October. I don’t think fans in Newark should be freaking out just yet, but only just. The concern level needs to be higher than it is, even now. New Jersey’s draft penalties for the Kovalchuk deal are looming even larger now.

There was supposed to be a really big goalie controversy for the Caps this season. Everyone was talking about it. But judging by his play against Carolina, Neuvirth never got that memo, thank goodness.

Bruce Boudreau’s Wally Pipp reference has to be the quip of the night. I wish NHL.com had a feature like that. They do have a Quote of the Night, but it usually goes for something a bit more serious. So, if there’s a Quote of the Night, why not a Quip of the Night? I’d lobby for it, but I don’t get enough traffic on this site to back it up.

Yes, the Caps have been a bit uneven this October, admittedly to even my consternation. I don’t want to say I saw this coming, but…

Alex Ovechkin must not want the Rocket Richard Trophy that badly, if his performance so far is any indication. (I hope to eat a lot of humble pie on this one tomorrow. Just serve it with some Cool Whip, and I’m golden.)

Really big tree outside my building, in full autumn splendor. Quite a sight. Pleasant weather, colorful trees, spiced cider, and a new hockey season: what’s not to love? (ESPECIALLY with the Yankees out of the playoffs?!)

Your teams to root for tonight, Caps fans:

Toronto at Boston: TORONTO, and hopefully in regulation. Both teams are ahead of the Caps in terms of points available, but Boston’s 160 top-end score needs to take a few hits before the Caps will have a shot at the top of the chart.
Edmonton at Columbus: EDMONTON. They’re behind, and the sooner the top teams lose, the sooner the Caps can take the top spot. That’s kind of my default rooting interest on any given night: the team that’s trailing.
Florida at Ottawa: OTTAWA. Also an underdog, and if they can take down a team from the Southeast, that’s even better.
Phoenix at Detroit: PHOENIX, and hopefully in regulation. Detroit has 161 points available, and that needs to come down. Let’s Go ‘Yotes!
St. Louis at Nashville: ST. LOUIS, and for the exact same reason. Let’s Go Blues!
Washington at Minnesota: WASHINGTON. (Duh.)
Los Angeles at Dallas: DALLAS, but not by much. Both teams have 158 points available.
Colorado at Calgary: COLORADO, again because they’re behind.

Got to run.




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