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First Preseason Game 2010-11 September 27, 2010

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

The wait’s been nearly five months long, and now
Our first preseason game is Tuesday night.
It’s been so long, and yet so short somehow,
As Caps fans all get set to reunite.
Might I suggest, that all of us avow
To be that seventh man upon the ice;
To fully and completely love this team,
To give, not just what we think should suffice,
But full support that’s over and above,
That we might help to shape our hockey dream.
This I believe: that if we can be Love,
And never, ever, let ourselves give up;
And still stand firm when push turns into shove,
Then our team just might win the Stanley Cup.

Caps fans, it’s time. Time to return to Verizon Center, and begin a new chapter in the story of our team. Time to remember what it means to Rock the Red. Time to prepare ourselves, each and every one of us, for the long and trying season that’s to come.

This night, God willing, will be the first night of our next nine months. This night, God willing, will be the prologue to the story of how we won our first of many Stanley Cups. This night, God willing, will be the overture to our symphony of victory.

Let us begin our journey with joy: the joy of new beginnings, and the anticipation of further joys to come. Let us begin our odyssey with optimism, and the anticipation of better days ahead. And let us begin our venture with vision: a vision of the Stanley Cup coming to Washington, this season.

We’ve much to do over the next several months, and it begins Tuesday night. I’ll see you all at the rink.

Finally, it’s time. Let’s do this.




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