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For What It’s Worth September 24, 2010

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We’re coming up on the start of October, and there are three big dates in there for me. First and foremost is the 10th: that’s my birthday. Just behind that is the 16th: saw my first Caps game on that date in 2005. And then there’s the 15th: on that date in 2007, I made my first posts on this very blog. (And while I’ll acknowledge that I’ve got some younger relatives with birthdays in that time frame, I won’t list those here out of respect for their privacy.)

The Caps are at Nashville on the 16th, and I have to think the Caps would love to do a viewing party on a Saturday night. So, here’s Plan A: if the Caps do a viewing party on the 16th (viewing party schedule has not been announced as of this writing), then that’s where I’ll try to be for my general all-purpose birthday/faniversary/blogiversary celebration–those of you in attendance can stop by and say hi.

If there’s nothing official (or if it’s a major Metro pain in the you-know-what), then I’m going to have to use Plan B: find a bar somewhere that they’ll put the Caps game on. I’m currently debating between RFD and The Front Page in Arlington, but given what Gallery Place is turning into lately, The Front Page is probably going to be it. I’m not going to make a production out of it: I’ll just show up in game-night dress, grab a spot within sight of the game, and if I’m lucky, maybe one or two readers might show up for some brief well-wishes.

I’ll know more once the viewing party schedule is announced.


The schedule is out, and there’s nothing official scheduled for the 16th. That means I’m going to be going to The Front Page in Arlington. Hope to see some of you there.–CS



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