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2010-2011 Capitals Predictions: Part X, and Conclusion September 16, 2010

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Well, this is it. This is the part that I’ve been waiting to type for several weeks, but because of a tough work schedule, had to wait to get to. This is very good news, Caps fans.

In this position, we’re going to look at the Outcome of the entire season as a whole. What we had to go through to get to this moment wasn’t much fun; some of what we’ll have to go through to get there isn’t going to be much fun, either. But this position represents our ultimate destination. This is where the season will eventually conclude. These two cards, together, are what our season will come down to. The two cards in the Outcome position are STRENGTH and the 9 OF WANDS. And while there are technically no “good cards” or “bad cards” in a Tarot deck–even unpleasant cards like the 10 of Swords, The Tower, the 5 of Cups, and The Devil have their place–these two cards are very, very, very good cards to see. I was stunned to see these in this position, to be frank.

Let me be perfectly clear before I start explaining what these cards mean. Neither one of these cards represents outright victory: I cannot, and will not, say that these two cards foretell an imminent Stanley Cup for the Capitals. However, both of these are very strong cards, and very strongly positive cards. They don’t talk about victory; instead, they talk about fighting the good fight, which is something I think is even better in the final analysis.

Strength means about what you think it should mean: having the strength to face obstacles, and overcome them; being in command of all of your resources; being able to walk up to a lion, tell it to shut up, and be obeyed. (Disclaimer: Please don’t try that at home.) It means that the power is in your hands. You can make it happen. You have the moxie to take on all comers. You have it within you to win it all.

The huge thing about the card Strength is that it’s in the Major Arcana, so this is no small measure of strength: this is, essentially, as strong as you can be–as strong, perhaps, as you may ever be. So while that is indeed very good news, I have to throw a major, major caution out to the Capitals organization, if anyone’s still reading this series: make hay while the sun shines. You won’t always be as strong as you are now. Do not let this season go to waste. Strength is not a card of victory: all it says, is that you can overcome, and not necessarily that you will. I cannot stress that enough. Strength alone means nothing if it’s not put to good use. Use it while you have it.

The 9 of Wands is a Minor Arcana card which actually reinforces the message of Strength. The 9 of Wands is about standing firm, taking on all comers, and fighting the good fight all the way to the end. You’ve built your house upon the rock, and so that storm is nothing to worry about. This you can defend, and this you will defend. With the 9 of Wands, it’s sort of like no weapon formed against you shall prosper, because you’ve found your place, you’re standing firm, and you have the power to overcome. Strength through adversity–that is my interpretation of the 9 of Wands in this position.

Put together, that’s an awfully powerful combination. Not only does it indicate the strength to overcome; it also indicates that that strength will even prevail against hard adversity. In other words, there may be–and probably will be, it being hockey–some nights when it looks hopeless. But these two cards, together, are essentially saying that you have the power to overcome anything that is thrown at you, be it a bad score, bad health, perhaps even a less than optimal series opener. The power to overcome, perhaps even to take on the world, is yours, right now, and how you use it will define the season. Ultimate victory can–I repeat, can–be yours.

But again, that doesn’t necessarily mean certain victory. What it does mean, is that the Capitals have everything they need to win it all, this year. Whether they use it effectively or not, will ultimately define which way the season goes. What this outcome is, is power and potential–but the victory must be earned on the ice–it’s not guaranteed in the cards. It can be done–the only question I have left at this point is, will it be done?

Now, when I say that it can be done, I want to make sure I get this all the way across. I know there are some, perhaps many, who are going to look at this and say, “Well, duh, we already know they can do it. Seen the pre-season odds? Thank you, Captain Obvious.” So let me be very specific here.

The impression is not that the Capitals CAN win, IF certain conditions are met, or IF certain things happen. It’s not: “The Caps can win IF they avoid a Game 7,” or “The Caps can win IF Player X stays healthy,” or “The Caps can win IF Player Y shows up in April.” Because that would mean that, should the IF not occur, then there’s nothing the Caps can do about it. That’s not the case here. This is not a case of, “The Caps can win, IF.”

Nor is it that the Capitals CAN win, BECAUSE of certain conditions or events. It’s not: “The Caps can win BECAUSE their offense is so potent,” or “The Caps can win BECAUSE they’ve got a terrific home ice advantage,” or “The Caps can BECAUSE they’re good at face-offs.” Because that would mean that, should the BECAUSE no longer be the case, then there’s nothing the Caps can do about it. That’s also not the case here. This is not a case of, “The Caps can win, BECAUSE.”

What it is, is “The Caps CAN win, PERIOD.” No conditions; no qualifiers; no ifs, ands, ors, buts, even thoughs, provided thats, in case ofs…heck, PICK your conjunction, and throw it in your Washington Capitals waste basket. There is nothing that this team is incapable of accomplishing this year. NOTHING. Whether they win or lose, it will be all and entirely because of their own actions.

This is, I believe, a generational moment for this franchise. Yet it remains nothing more than a generational opportunity. I have no indication of how this season will turn out, for good or for ill. That’s probably because it’s not for any of us to know right now. Or, it may simply be because the outcome must be decided by the players, and not by fate. The strength is definitely there; what remains, is the execution. Victory and defeat remain unseen; the only certainty I can give is that the results of this season will be earned, for better or for worse.

So, even though I’d love to give some indication of how this season will turn out, there’s no way for me to do that with these two cards in the Outcome position. The ability is certainly there, and obstacles can be overcome, but that’s all these two cards will say. There is no destiny or certainty either way; the ultimate result, I stress once more, will be what is earned.

And yet, perhaps an uncertain fate is what we needed to hear for this reading. Maybe this is the angels’ way of saying to mind the journey, and let the destination mind itself. It may also serve as a cautionary note that this may be the best shot the Caps may have at winning it all as they’re likely to see for some time. It can be done, this year. But will it? We’ll have to see.

But certainly or not, subtext or not, the main impression is quite clear, indeed. And that’s this: Win or lose, this team is going to play like champions until the very end–no matter when that turns out to be.

I’m grateful for the chance to have done this, and I’m grateful to those of you who’ve read this. The season can’t start soon enough.

Let’s Go Caps!


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1. T-Yoc - September 17, 2010

What a great read for the fans. Thanks for doing this! Strong work.

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