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2010-2011 Capitals Predictions: Part IX September 15, 2010

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In this, the penultimate position, we’re going to take a look at some of the unseen forces at work this season. This could be hopes, fears, or possibly something unexpected. The purpose of this position is to make the unseen, seen. And in this case, I have two different cards that I can very easily put together to make a more unified message–something I was having trouble with the court cards in the last two positions. (I have a lot to learn.) So, for Hopes and Fears, the cards are TEMPERANCE and 4 OF CHALICES REVERSED.

Temperance, as you may guess by its lack of a suit, is a Major Arcana card, and it’s a quirky card. It’s in the “challenging” section of the Major Arcana, quite literally right between Death on one side and The Devil on the other. But Temperance is actually a bit of an oasis in that part of the Major Arcana. And, really, even that’s not quite the best way of putting it. Death represents endings, nothing more: we’re closed tonight, shoppers, but we’ll re-open at 10 AM tomorrow. That’s it–that’s all Death is in a tarot deck–closing time. It’s not as sinister as you would think. And The Devil is not unbeatable: after all, resist the devil, and he will flee from you, right? And, for you Stephen King readers, didn’t Bill Denbrough beat the devil twice in one novel? So there’s no sense being scared to death of the devil, because he can–and ultimately will–be defeated. So Temperance isn’t like some teeny-tiny spring of water in a vast ocean of hot, dry, bad-news sand. It’s kind of like taking a long walk up a busy street, and finally finding a convenience store that stocks your beverage of choice. (If you’re curious, mine is Monster Russian, which really is ridiculously hard to find.) So Temperance is a card that I like to see showing up…but with a slight caveat.

Temperance traditionally deals with combinations of different elements. Smaller things join to create larger things which are more than the sum of their parts, and so on. It’s a card of cooperation, harmony, and balance. But it can also sometimes counsel restraint: don’t overdo it, just do what you already know how to do and you’ll be fine. How does that apply to the Capitals? When we’re talking about adding things together, the one big combination that I think this is referring to is Monumental Sports & Entertainment now controlling the Wizards, Mystics, and all the rest of that triple-comma portfolio. So Temperance is actually quite an astute card in this position: combining all the teams (Temperance) is nothing if not an act of hope (this position). Now, if that’s true, then the reorganization will actually benefit the team this coming season, since the card is face-up. Having the best minds from every team under one roof could add unique perspectives to each respective organization. The hoops people still need to make the hoops decisions, and the hockey people still need to make the hockey decisions, but tickets? Events? Game experience? All of the ancillary, non-sport parts of the organization should now have several perspectives to draw from, which should be beneficial. The caveat here is to keep that combination simple, and avoid getting too cute moving names all over the organizational chart. So, balance and harmony, but don’t overdo it. And that runs straight into the other card in this position.

The 4 of Chalices reversed is about burnout from overdoing it, and about fruitless excitement for its own sake. I’m getting the impression that this is kinda-sorta important here, so let me write this next part carefully. If the hope of this position were Temperance, the fear in this position is this, the 4 of Chalices reversed. Everyone involved with the Capitals, from the 100-level A rows to the 400-level Q rows, and all points in between, does not want to see last season repeated. There were questions raised by some as to whether this team can really play postseason hockey as constructed. The regular season is not the issue at this point, barring a whole lot of long-term misfortune that I just can’t see happening. (And which, if the Outcome position is accurate, won’t matter anyway…but come back tomorrow for that.) The question is whether that dominating regular-season style can work in the playoffs. It’s certainly a reasonable question, given the Caps’ unceremonious first-round exit this past spring. And with the 4 of Chalices in this position, it may be the one question that everyone involved with the team is asking as we approach the new season.

Now, putting that together, we get this: Do what has worked, and what you know will work (Temperance); but don’t overdo it to the point of breaking down (4 of Chalices reversed). Although they were accurate in the past, don’t believe your press clippings; earn them all over again. You can win with discipline (Temperance), but not with selfishness (4 of Chalices reversed). Forget about the highlight reels: winning is its own, and ultimately the final, highlight.

So now, there’s only one position left. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the Outcome cards. You really want to see this, Caps fans. These cards don’t promise victory; they promise something even better than that.

So what’s the ultimate outcome?

I want to see Part VIII one more time.

Take me back to the beginning.



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