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2010-2011 Capitals Predictions: Part VIII September 14, 2010

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We’re closing in on the eventual outcome of the season, and today, we’re going to take a look at the Outside Influences position. Since the biggest outside influence on a hockey team tends to be its fans, I generally look at this spot as representing the fans–although since there’s a court card here, this could potentially be an outside player that’s on his way in. To be specific, the cards here are the KNAVE OF WANDS and the 6 OF WANDS.

Both of these are Wands cards, and I’m going to address that first.

I don’t know how many “Survivor” fans read this, but I’ve watched a season or two, and I can appreciate the show for what it is. Not that I’ve seen every season, not that I particularly care for all the contestants, and not that I like CBS giving some of that show’s contestants an extra fifteen minutes (Romber on “The Amazing Race”–’nuff said?) But I love the locales, I generally love what they do with the music, and Jeff Probst has become quite the emcee, having long since graduated from “Light up the board, Kevin!” Anyway, the one thing that every tribe tries to do right away is start a fire. Fire is essential: you’ve got to have something with which to cook, and, more practically, it gets dark at night. And, symbolically in the game, “fire represents life,” as all tribes are told at their first Tribal Council.

Why am I talking “Survivor” here? Wands represent fire, with all that entails: light in darkness, warmth, and life. And so, with two Wands cards in this position, we have a double dose of fire…light…spirit…as the main outside influence on the Caps this coming year.

Now, the Knave of Wands could be a young player that’s going to be new to the organization. Whether that’s a new rookie that’s about to graduate, or another young player to be later acquired, I can’t say for sure. But this would be a young player who didn’t play for the Caps last year, 2 years or less of NHL experience, and someone who’s already got leadership potential. Since this is an outside player, I’m not going to hazard a guess as to who this might be. And since this is a Knave, this could indicate that there’s a rookie on his way in, who’s about to make a huge impact in the season to come. Alternately, this could indicate that the Caps are looking for a young leader, and potentially looking to trade for such. Not sure, but it does bear watching.

The other card here, which has to represent the fans if nothing else on here does, is the 6 of Wands. This card is traditionally about coming home after a hard day’s work, taking off your shoes, wiggling your toes in the carpet, and then pouring yourself a hot beverage to celebrate a Very Good Day just completed. In a word: “Victory.” Now, remember, this is an outside card: it doesn’t refer specifically to the Capitals. What’s coming up in the Outcome spot the day after tomorrow is actually better than that, but you’ll have to come back to see that. Essentially, what I’m taking away from the 6 of Wands in this position is that the fans of the Capitals are going to do their darndest to will this team to victory this year. (I know I will.)

So, how do I put this together? There appears to be a new player on the way in, one who has leadership chops; meanwhile, the fans are going to single-handedly (or at least 18-thousand-voicedly) do everything they can to be a positive influence. I hope that’s true, because that speaks to a lot of good influences coming from outside–which can only benefit the team. So the outside influences are a huge help this year.

Tomorrow, we’re going to take a look at the unseen, and how hopes and fears may influence the outcome.

The suspense is killing me. I have to see Part IX.

Run Part VII by me again?

Take me back to the beginning.



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