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2010-2011 Capitals Predictions: Part VII September 13, 2010

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At this point in the reading, we’re going to start looking at some of the unseen stuff. There are two parts to a Celtic Cross: the cross itself (which we finished up with yesterday), and the staff. Symbolically, the staff stretches all the way to heaven, and so this is the part of the reading where we start looking into more subconscious/spiritual influences. This position is at the base of the staff, the foundation of it, the point (symbolically) where heaven and earth converge upon the questioner–or, in this case, the team. The cards in this position, technically, represent the energies of the questioner, or, since I’m reading for the team, the team as a whole. And in this case, they’re naming names: the KNIGHT OF CHALICES and the KNAVE OF PENTACLES.

Everyone in the world has a tarot card that fits their general personality. Consider: there are sixteen court cards in a tarot deck, and I know of two different personality tests (Myers-Briggs and Kiersey) that reflect sixteen different personality archetypes. This video is a little sloppy, and admittedly meant more for readers, but it does give you some idea of how personality types match up with the tarot court.

The way I typically approach court cards when reading for the Caps is to treat each rank as a level of experience, use the suit to let my intuition tell me who the card is referring to, and then check to make sure their experience matches. (For the curious: “Learner” cards (Knave/Page/Daughter), 2 years or less; “Doer” cards (Knight/Son), 3-5 years; “Nurturer” cards (Queen/Mother), 6-9 years; “Leader” cards (King/Father), 10 years and up). The suits are a clue as to how they play: Earth suits indicate a more physical player, Air suits a more intellectual player, Fire suits either a more spiritual player or a leader; Water suits, a more emotional player. Pentacles are an Earth suit, and Chalices are a Water suit, so that gives me a rough guide to how they play. The card type (Learner, Doer, and so on) can sometimes give me an idea, as well, independent of experience.

So, who are these two?

The Knave of Pentacles is really easy: Karl Alzner. He’s a young player, still learning the NHL game, and definitely more of an Earth kind of player: stay at home, and anchor the defense. Anchor…ground…earth. Make sense?

The Knight of Chalices is the one card in the court that I see myself as. Paradoxically, that makes it a tough card for me to read when I’m trying to figure out someone else. But I think this is referring to Mike Green. He’s definitely a “doer” (two consecutive Norris nominations says he’s doing quite a bit), and his game doesn’t really fit in with any other element. And he does tend toward the emotional some nights–seen his goal celebrations?–so I think Water is his element, and Knight is his rank.

So, if I’m reading this correctly, the team will be defined this year by solid contributions from the defense. I know that sounds completely counter-intuitive when we’ve got one of the biggest scorers in the NHL along the top line. But that is the message: the defense this year should be up to the task. Both of these cards are face-up, so that would indicate that they should do well. If these had been reversed, I’d be worried about bad stretches for them defining the season; but that’s not what I see here. I see two still-young players whose positive contributions this season will define the ultimate outcome of the season.

I’m not going to guarantee either one of those two a Norris nod or anything, even if Mike Green is slightly overdue. But I do see solid efforts from both. The one caveat here is that as they go, so will go the team. That doesn’t faze me in the least with Alzner: he’s going to give you 100% every second he’s on the ice. But Green has had a couple of less than perfect playoffs the past few seasons, so I can’t help but be slightly concerned here. I do trust that he’s learned his lessons from seasons past, and will improve his play next spring. He’d better; if his performance defines the team, he must do better.

Tomorrow, we’re going to look at outside influences, in a position I typically construe as belonging to the fan base. Hope to see you then.

So…what about this whole Part VIII thing?

I’m a glutton for punishment. I want to read Part VI again.

Take me back to the beginning.


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