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2010-2011 Capitals Predictions: Part VI September 12, 2010

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Today we’re going to look at the Immediate Future position, and see what the Caps are going to be up against in the short term. How exactly is the season going to start–red-hot, and getting everyone hyped up about hockey again? Or ice-rink cold, and scaring the heck out of Caps Nation? Not to be a wet blanket on this one, but the Immediate Future cards I see here are the 3 OF WANDS REVERSED and the 3 OF SWORDS REVERSED. Two reversed 3’s, and I’m going to talk about the importance of that in a minute. For now, let me explain the cards individually. Bear in mind, as you read this, that this is a short-term position, dealing with the immediate future. It’s not a long-term trend.

The 3 of Wands, traditionally, deals with dreams, reality, and manifestation. Face-up, it’s a lot of fun to see: if you can dream it, you can do it, just keep at it and it’ll happen. But reversed, it’s nearly the opposite: you’re dreaming big, but the reality isn’t there. Expectations aren’t being met. What you hope to happen, doesn’t. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” The promises aren’t being kept. The deliverables aren’t being delivered. “How the heck did that happen?!”

Face-up, the 3 of Swords is a very sad card, but it at least offers the consolation of a better tomorrow. Reversed, sorry, Annie, but that sun ain’t comin’ out tomorrow. A-ha, you’re wrong: the sun doesn’t always shine on TV. I know you don’t wanna be no fuddy duddy, Sting, but sometimes, brand new days don’t happen. (Just ask Phil Connors.) The 3 of Swords reversed is heartbreak, heartbreak, heartbreak, with seemingly no end in sight.

Two caveats here.

One, I sometimes have a tendency to overstate bad news with Minor Arcana cards. I got a professional reading at the Renaissance Festival a while back, and the reader told me something along the lines of “Don’t make The Tower out of a 5.” There was a 5 on my spread, and I was like, Oh no! It’s the end of the world! But a dinky little 5 isn’t really that bad–it’s just one more Minor Arcana card. Same thing with these reversed 3’s: they’re Minors, not Majors, and so while they’re definitely not going to be fun, they’re also not the end of the world.

Two, this is a near term, short term position. It’s not where things are headed long-term: the season just gets off to an uneven start, it would seem, and then that’s it with these reversed 3’s.

Now, as to the two reversed 3’s in one spot. Numerically, 3 is 1 plus 2. Put another way, that’s a “one” (individual) and a “more than one” (group), put together. So you could view 3 in the sense of “join the band,” “get on board,” “come and join us,” that kind of energy. So there is a sense of an increasing community with the number 3. Reversed, though, that same 3 can be thought of as 4 minus 1: a square missing a side, perhaps, or a barbershop quartet that’s missing a tenor, or even a flat tire on a car. What should be complete, is lacking. What should be harmony, is discord. That car can’t run on three wheels. And so on. So while a couple of face-up 3’s would signify greater community, a couple of reversed 3’s may suggest a greater instability, discord, perhaps even a break-up of some sort. Perhaps there may even be a trade of some kind in the works, the details of which may look strange when it’s initially announced.

All told, the near term, frankly, doesn’t look very appetizing, if I’m reading this correctly. However, this appears to be short term, passing, and ultimately minor–so even if the season starts out on a bad note, there’s no reason to get out on the ledge. The Caps will ultimately be just fine–which I’ll discuss at greater length four days hence.

Tomorrow, we’re going to look at the energy of the team as a whole, as the season gets underway.

Part VII has GOT to be better news than this…right?

Yuck. Can I see Part V again?

Take me back to the beginning.



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