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2010-2011 Capitals Predictions: Part II September 8, 2010

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The second position in a Celtic Cover reading is the Crossing position. There are a lot of different ways to read this position. Some say the Crossing is an indication of the road that you’re on; some would say that it represents an obstacle in your path; and others say it’s something that might sound good, but isn’t quite as good as you think. I tend to read it as all of those, and none of those: it depends on the cards in that position, as well as what other cards are elsewhere in the spread. One thing that’s well-agreed on: Crossing cards are usually read right-side up. I’m not aware of anyone who reads Tarot that reads this position with reversals. And here, we have two cards from the Major Arcana, so this is big. The cards are THE STARS and THE HANGED MAN.

The Stars are Major card number 17, and come in sequence right after The Tower, number 16. (Slight spoiler: The Tower is nowhere on this spread, thank goodness.) The Tower represents destruction, and sort of a Divine retribution. And, after you’re done with that at 16, you look to The Stars at 17, in hope. That’s the key word with The Stars: Hope. You’ve learned your lesson from The Tower, and now you look up, because you know you don’t need that tower anymore. You’re ready to accept your place in the Divine Plan. I can’t get that phrase “Look Up” out of my head right now–it’s bouncing around like a too-catchy chorus that’s driving me nuts. You look up in prayer–again, another phrase I’m feeling very strongly–and say, essentially, “Okay God, I get it. I don’t need all that baggage anymore. I trust You. Show me how to get Home.” And with that, you set out on the last part of your journey.

What’s interesting to me is that The Hanged Man is the first card in the “trouble” part of the Major Arcana, while The Stars are the first card of the “spiritual” part of the Major Arcana. It’s convenient to think of the Major Arcana as having four “chapters.” 0-5, The Fool up to The Hierophant, are about youth, beginnings, and starting off with a bang. 6-11, The Lovers up to Justice, are about growing up and taking charge of your life. 12-16, The Hanged Man up to The Tower, are about the obstacles you have to face in your life. And 17-21, The Stars to The World, are about embracing your place in the world, fulfilling your life’s purpose, answering for your life, and looking to victory and the eternal. So both The Stars and The Hanged Man are kind of similar in that they begin their particular chapter of the Major Arcana. So there’s a bit of a “beginningness” in this position when the two cards are put together.

Now, The Hanged Man isn’t necessarily a “bad news” kind of card when face-up. The man is hanging by his foot, not his neck, so it’s not like he’s being executed here. He’s kind of just hanging around, enjoying a different perspective on things (“Hey, I’m upside down! The world looks so much different!”) In a sense, that can make The Hanged Man a semi-fun card: you’re stuck in one place, sure, but you’re getting a fresh look at things–perhaps seeing things not as you think you should see them, but as they should be seen. It’s like looking at something you’ve always known in a different way: upside-down, or backwards, or through polarized sunglasses…you get the idea. One other image I’m getting here is of sitting on the side of the train you never ride on. Huh? Well, let’s suppose you regularly take the Amtrak train to New York, and you always sit on the right side of the train. You know you’re near Cecil County when you see MacGregor’s just before the Susquehanna bridge; you know every NJ Transit stop you pass on the Northeast Corridor Line; you get the idea. But what if you sat on the left side of the train, just once? Even though it’s the same train ride, you’d be seeing a whole different set of scenery than you’re used to seeing, since you’ve never sat there. That’s the image I’m getting of this card.

Now, how does all that go together? And is that a path, an obstacle, or a false good?

As a path, I see these two cards together representing first steps in a new chapter. Remember that “beginningness” I mentioned? That part about how both of these cards are the first cards in their “chapters”? That’s the kind of path I see: starting a new chapter of the journey, a chapter which will involve obstacles–some big ones, too–but one which, at the same time, should lead to a more balanced position within the Divine Plan. As a path, I see these two cards representing beginnings of a new chapter.

As an obstacle, I believe these cards are warning against hoping beyond hope, and also against complacency. It’s not correct to just say, “Well, the only thing we can do now is watch it play out and hope for the best.” Wrong. Complacency is the enemy; and hoping for the best is not the solution. You have to help yourself, as much as be helped. Now, that doesn’t mean, for instance, GM’ing the team like a rotisserie team. That’s too far the other way. What it does mean, is to stay alert, stay vigilant, keep watch, and reach ever onward and upward. Don’t just hang around: reach for the stars.

As a false good, there’s some overlap here. It’s good to have hope, yes; but it’s not good to only have hope. Results matter. It’s good to have a unique perspective, yes; but looking at things upside-down all the time can make you forget what they look like right-side up. The message I’m getting here is, “unique vision, but true perception.” Undying hope and a unique way of looking at things are, indeed, blessings; but hopes ultimately have to be worked for, and vision without action is nothing more than an idle daydream. And that, ultimately, is my takeaway from this position: Believe, and perceive; and now, go make it happen.

Tomorrow, the ghosts of the past come out to play, as we look at the Distant Past. So, I’ll see you in the past, same time tomorrow.

So what about Part III?

Wait…I missed Part I!

Take me back to the beginning.



1. CapitalSpirit - September 9, 2010

For those of you coming in from Japer’s Rink and Ted’s Take, thanks for stopping by. Part III is now live, so check that out, as well.

This is part of a ten-day, ten-position reading, and I think you’ll like what the ultimate outcome holds. These posts will continue to go live at 8 AM daily until this series is done.

So thanks for coming by today, please check out the current Part III post, and I hope to see you all back here for Part IV tomorrow.–CS

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