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Full Season Predictions 2010-2011: Prologue September 6, 2010

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A confession: I’m not entirely looking forward to doing this, in all honesty. No matter what I say here, it’s not going to sit well with team brass. If I end up predicting a disaster, the sure and swift response will be “don’t believe the tripe“; if I predict a Stanley Cup or something, the response will be “don’t believe the hype.

However, as with any reading–especially a full-season hockey reading being started in August–circumstances can change. So, what I’m going to see, and write about, is a reflection of where things stand right now. Don’t like the bad news? Change course. Think good news is a guarantee? Think again. This does not set the future in stone in any way. What a tarot reading is, if you really want to get technical, is a snapshot of the energies surrounding a question when it’s asked. And that energy is going to change between now and April, let alone June. Bottom line: how the Capitals end up doing this coming year will ultimately be decided on the ice, and not on my card table.

Still, if there could be trouble ahead, then I need to say something. If the outcome looks promising, but the road getting there is rocky, I need to know that, so I can hang on through the bumps. And so on.

As I type this, my deck is still in its wooden box, waiting. I don’t have any idea right now what I’m going to see. But now, it’s time to open that box, shuffle up, and take a look at what might lie ahead for the Capitals this season.

It’s a slow news time, so I’m going to be revealing one position per day. Earlier posts in the series will hopefully be updated with current links as newer pages go live.

Particulars: The deck is Tarot of the Angels by Lo Scarabeo. This exact deck has been with me to several Capitals games, so it is familiar with the energies of the team and the fans. The spread is a Celtic Cover: a standard Celtic Cross spread with two cards per position. I certify that the deck has been thoroughly mixed by me, and that I do not know what cards will fall in what positions. (Layman’s terms: I’m not stacking the deck.)

The question is: “What does the 2010-2011 season hold for the Washington Capitals?”

The first part of the answer will be posted tomorrow.

Let’s get started.



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