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Not Another Chart?! June 20, 2010

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Well, yes.

Two years ago, I was doing a magic numbers table all by itself. Toward the end, I ran into a lot of trouble with it, because of the head-to-head tie break. When you’re doing the math for every team, every team must battle with every other team in its conference for its final standing. And all thirty teams are fighting it out for either the President’s Trophy or the first pick, so you have to compare cross-conference as well. So if, say, Minnesota’s top-end points were tied with Dallas’s current points, and their top-end wins were tied with Dallas’s current wins, then the next tie break would be head-to-head. That happened a lot, and there was no one place I could find for head-to-head results. So I opted to keep track of the series right here.

So last season, I tracked that information myself…and still ran into trouble. If the head-to-head series is tied, you have to look at which games were played in which cities…and the only way I could find that out was, yup, pounding the exact same ground I’d been pounding in the spring of ’08, all over again. So now, I’m going to be tracking series by what’s been played where. Yes, that is going to mean keeping track of three different charts. However, if I set this up correctly, I’m going to have every possible tie break at my fingertips, and I’ll be able to keep everything up to date all the way to April.

The Games Remaining chart for 2010-2011 is now live, with default schedules mocked up. Once the full schedule comes out on Tuesday, I’m going to be going over it team by team, entering the inter-conference match-ups and getting all 870 entries color-coded. (There are actually 435 total series, but I list each one twice, once on each team’s line.) I’ll be doing it alphabetically, starting with the Ducks and their opponents, then the Thrashers and their opponents minus Anaheim, then the Bruins and their opponents minus Anaheim and Atlanta, and so on, down the list. As I get further in the alphabet, I’ll be able to do more teams in one day.

For now, the generic mock-up is live, and I’m going to take one night off tomorrow night before getting set for a whole bunch of chart-making this week. That’s in addition to keeping an ear on the Awards Show Wednesday night–no viewing parties I’m aware of, or at least none that I know I’m welcome at–and possibly attending a Draft party Friday night, Metro permitting.

Who says there’s nothing for a hockey fan to do this week?!




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