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Let There Be No Valediction April 28, 2010

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

I’m not going through all the work of versing it up at the end of the season, as I’ve done the last two seasons. This team doesn’t deserve a valediction. Heck, I didn’t even stay for the handshakes–this is the most inexcusable conclusion imaginable for the Washington Capitals.

It’s one thing to lose three consecutive games in regulation on the cusp of December and January (the last time such occurred for this year’s Caps). It’s quite another to lose three consecutive games in regulation at the end of April.

The last time the Caps lost two consecutive games in regulation at Verizon Center was April 2009 (Games 1 and 2 against the Rangers).

The power play, to be diplomatic, stank to high heaven. Starting in Game 4, and dating back to the regular season, the Caps had gone 329 minutes and 37 seconds between power play goals, and had failed to convert on nearly two dozen consecutive power plays. Any would-be Elias-ready stats geeks want to tell me when was the last time the Caps went 329:37 or more between PPG’s? But that wasn’t enough, oh, no–the Caps then went on to waste another nineteen power play chances the rest of the way. So after a perfect 1/1 night at Pittsburgh (yes, those saintly, Matt Cooke-employing Penguins only committed one penalty all night, don’t you know, but that’s another don’t-get-me-started rant), went one for forty-four on the power play for the end of the regular season and the entirety of the playoffs. How’s that best power play in the NHL working out now?!

I would have thought that after giving up four goals in Montreal on Monday night, and being charged with a second consecutive playoff loss, that Varlamov might have backed up Jose Theodore, who would have gone out on the ice with something to prove against his old team, looking for redemption after Game 2…oh, well. Varlamov is now 1-2 in Game 7 situations, and just lost a Game 7 to a team that had no business even being IN a Game 7. But you can’t fault Varlamov too much for this series: his defense hung him out to dry a few too many times. Meanwhile, on the other end of the pond, Halak was busy making more saves than Jesus (and that’s not even counting some video-game-crazy blocking numbers by the Montreal skaters).

There’s more that I could write, but I have nothing left to give tonight. I’ll cry myself to sleep for the final time this season, and spend the next five months mourning an opportunity thrown away.

And so ends another inglorious chapter in the annals of a perpetually star-crossed hockey team. Oh, how I grieve for what might have been!



1. John - May 2, 2010

Still can’t believe they lost.

Have a good offseason – hopefully they fix things by next April.

Look forward to reading your posts next year.

– John

2. CapitalSpirit - May 2, 2010

I’ll have a few assorted musings over the summer, I’m sure, so talk of next September is a bit premature. I don’t like my blog gathering virtual cobwebs over the offseason, so I’ll occasionally put something up that maybe isn’t quite hockey-related, but which I may find informative, amusing, or perhaps enlightening.

Case in point: just got done reading “Angelology” by Danielle Trussoni. I’m going to give that a few days to sink in, and see if there’s something I can write here about my experience with that particular book. No promises, and I’m not putting myself on deadline, but that is something I’m considering.

Thanks for stopping by.–CS

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