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And That’s Why I Don’t Drink April 23, 2010

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In case you haven’t seen it, check out this video for one of the biggest disappointments in the stands.

When you’re highly visible–which, when dressed for games, I know I am–you have to assume that every second you’re out in public, you’re going to be around somebody with a cell phone and a YouTube account. Meltdowns are to be avoided as best as possible, and so getting as polluted as the Cuyahoga River when you’re in your gear is probably not a smart idea. Look, booze and Dilantin don’t mix as it is, so I can’t drink anyway, doctor’s orders. But even if I could, there’s no way I’d ever let myself get caught in uniform and on the sauce.

One further symbol on my uniform is that the cloak covers the back of my jersey: you normally can’t see my name and number unless I doff the cloak. The only name you see, is the name on the front: Washington Capitals. “And the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back.”–Herb Brooks.

I’m not official by any means, but that doesn’t absolve me from representing the team as best I can, no matter what gear I’m wearing. Even if my only “uniform” is a Capitals t-shirt on a hot day in the offseason, I’m still representing the team and its fans, and I have a responsibility to represent us all well. Far be it from me to accept all the happiness this team has given me, and then turn around and disgrace it by my own negligence.

And it’s not just the Capitals whom I represent: I represent a much higher Team, as well, one which I DARE not offend. (Trust me on this one, folks: never, ever get Archangel Uriel mad at you. Just don’t.) So I actually have a triple responsibility: one to Heaven, another to the Caps, and yet one more to my fellow fans. I have to take that seriously. Yes, I have fun at games–a lot of it. But I have to stay vigilant about being a good ambassador for all three groups.

So I’m extremely disappointed to look at videos like this and see the Caps represented so badly. Finding your own voice as a fan is one thing. Using that same voice to tear down your team is quite another.

I’m not trying to kick a man when he’s down. That’s not my intent. My intent here is to remind my readers–the few that I have!–of a few small things. First, in this day and age, anything is YouTube fodder, and you never know who’s got a camera. Second–and this has been said many times in history–it’s not a good idea to overdo it on the firewater when you’re out in public. Third, when you wear your team’s insignia, you’re advertising that team, for good or for ill: if you love your team, make sure you represent it well.

Going forward, I will do the best I can to represent all three of my teams as best I can. That’s all I can ever hope to do.

See you all at the Phone Booth for Game 5.




1. CapitalSpirit - April 25, 2010

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