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Washingtonian April 22, 2010

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Check out the May issue of Washingtonian–there’s an article on page 48 that talks about some of the more visible fans in the Phone Booth, including “the sorcerer” (their unfortunate word, not mine–let’s not make me out to be more than I am.) For the record, I wasn’t thrilled at being photographed hood-up: I put it up only when active weather demands it. I was also asked to act like I was yelling, something I don’t do much of at the rink. It’s not my best photo, I’m afraid.

The text of the article, on the other hand, is quite good: reporter Luke Mullins opened the article with my game night routine, gave me enough reportage to cover the basics, and left the balance of the stage to the better fans. That’s not intended as criticism–it’s a very well-done article, one I encourage my readers to pick up–it’s just my impression of how it reads, start to finish.

I always have a silver Sharpie with me at Caps games, and I will have it at the game tomorrow night, in case anyone wants to bring the article to the game for me to sign.

That’s assuming, however, that I’m well enough to attend. I woke up this morning with an absolutely thermonuclear sore throat, one which isn’t responding to any treatment I can give it, be it chemical or energetic. I may have to seek medical treatment for it if it’s still this bad tomorrow morning. I’ll be at the game if I’m physically able to attend, and will advise on Twitter (@capitalspirit) if you can scratch #94.

The story on how I managed to get my copy of Washingtonian is itself a bit of an adventure, one of those “can anything else go wrong?” type of stories, but that’s for another day.



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