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Hey, Show Some Respect! April 20, 2010

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I saw the replay of the American national anthem getting booed at Game 3, and I was absolutely shocked at such an inexcusable display of poor sportsmanship on the part of the crowd at Bell Centre.

Not that I’m giving Caps fans a pass–the “RED!” needs to stop, and the Baltimore Orioles “O!” has needed to go for years–but if an American crowd wants to totally desecrate the American anthem, hey, it’s a free country. You’re supposed to either sing along respectfully, or keep your trap shut, but nowadays, I guess nobody gives a damn about such antiquated notions as love of country and respect for said country’s traditions. Not even, to my disgust, in Washington, DC. Look, I know I’m getting ahead of myself with this next part, but: they sometimes televise the anthems during the Stanley Cup Finals, and I would be embarrassed beyond measure to hear a Washington crowd–the capital of the United States–make a mockery of the anthem of the Nation it’s supposed to protect and defend. I’m all for rocking the red, but the national anthem ain’t the place for it, folks. And that Baltimore Orioles “O!” is even wearing out its welcome in Baltimore–it does not belong anywhere in DC professional sports, especially hockey.

But it’s one thing to mock one’s own anthem. It’s something else entirely to show such complete disrespect for the visitors’ anthem. Canadiens fans need to be ashamed of themselves for such a gauche disregard for hockey decorum.

I remember the Stanley Cup Finals back in ’04, Flames-Bolts. The political winds of that era were poisonous–we’re talking “Fahrenheit 9/11” days here. When Tampa Bay was up at Calgary, and the singer performed “The Star Spangled Banner,” I was thoroughly expecting her to get booed into submission, Flames sweater or no. Imagine my utter shock when the Calgary audience cheered the American anthem–an ovation that was comparable to the anthem it would give “O Canada.” THAT, I thought, was class. That was one of the little things that got me interested in hockey to begin with. Wow, sportsmanship isn’t dead after all.

It was on life support in Montreal for Game 3. That kind of boorishness is abhorrent, and has no place in sports.

Capitals fans, we can do better, and I’m going to propose a way to do just that.

At Game 5 Friday night, whatever you do, DO NOT BOO O CANADA! Instead, let’s show those Canadiens fans what sportsmanship really looks like–let’s all sing O Canada with genuine, sincere, from-the-heart, Canadian-level pride. At the very least, let’s give it a loud, throaty ovation once it’s complete. Our neighbors to the north have been good neighbors for a very long time, and I’m glad that the US and Canada have known such peace for as long as we have. The United States is truly blessed to have a neighbor like Canada. Let’s show that on Friday night.

I’d love it that much more if we could actually show as much respect for the American anthem, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. For now, let’s use Friday’s game as a chance to repay hatred with Love, discord with Harmony, and darkness with Light.

Hey, let’s show some respect!




1. june white - April 20, 2010

well written , son. I am proud to be your mom

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