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A Few Quick Postgame Thoughts, 4/1/10 April 2, 2010

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First, I’m going to have to take a long, hard look at my charts tomorrow after work. The short version, for you Caps fans who are on President’s Trophy watch, is this: the Caps’ magic number to clinch the President’s Trophy is now 3, against San Jose. Phoenix is now out of contention, and Chicago, mathematically, needs to run the table and hope the Caps lose every remaining game. They’re still mathematically alive for now, but realistic Hawks fans have more than likely wiped the tears off their calculators at this point. The Sharks are at Minnesota Friday night, and the matchup appears to favor San Jose: the Sharks have done quite well against the Northwest, while the Wild hasn’t exactly gone gangbusters against the Pacific. But stranger things have happened, as the Stars showed us Wednesday night.

Oh, and if Colby Armstrong doesn’t get suspended for that head shot–seriously, an elbow to the face? Can it be any more cut and dried?–that’s going to be my cue that the fix is in. We only got one power play all night, I think, and there were some extremely iffy non-calls that the Thrashers got away with, the head shot being the obvious one. If the book doesn’t get thrown at Armstrong for that, it’s only going to feed the conspiracy theories in these parts.




1. june white - April 2, 2010

good to see you are still calculating! Love you lots.

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