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Very Quick Math Note, 3/24/10 March 25, 2010

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As of the Caps’ win over Pittsburgh, they have 108 points. Chicago has 99, with ten games to play, for a top-end score of 119. So right now, the Caps need 11 points total to lock up the President’s Trophy. They essentially have seven points to give–they can lose three more games and still have room to take the whole thing, and even that assumes the Hawks run the table.

Don’t assume, and don’t mail it in, but that is what the math is doing.

Capitals have a viewing party Thursday night out in Rockville, which isn’t that bad of a schlep for me. Not sure if I’m going to catch up on the charts at home or take in the crowd, but I don’t get easy-access viewing parties that often, and the season is winding down. Full update should follow Friday night if I do decide to head out Thursday night.

Great win against the Tuxedoed Terrors–multiple comebacks in the same game are always fun when you come out on the right side of ’em. And hey, we just showed, on national TV, that we can beat Pittsburgh when we skate six on ten. Question for Alexander Semin: how exactly do you say “Penalize THIS!” in Russian?

A good night at the rink, and this is shaping up to be a regular season for the ages. Let’s hope the postseason is just as memorable.



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