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A Look at the Math, 3/8/10 March 8, 2010

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Two games on tap tonight, but as one is the Caps, this one could be a few words longer than a typical two-game night.

DALLAS STARS AT WASHINGTON CAPITALS. Game 1 of 1. Thanks to Edmonton’s win over New Jersey on Sunday night, the Caps now need only 20 points to clinch the 1 East spot. They also need only half a dozen points to nail down the Southeast Division title. If the Caps can run the table at home this week, the division will be theirs at the end of the game Friday night, if not sooner. So for those of you at the game, make sure you rock the red like it’s going out of style. (Not that it will anytime soon in this town, I should think.) Now, with 17 games to go, and only 20 points needed to lock up the top spot in the East, the Caps can literally lose 7 of their final 17 and still have the best record in the East. And even THAT assumes that the teams behind them run the table, which isn’t going to happen. Mathematically, the Caps have losses to burn, which I’m sure Coach Boudreau is tickled pink to have. Trying to work three new players into the lineup is going to take some experimenting, and with that experimentation may come a few bad nights at the office, so to speak. I’m here to say: Caps fans, don’t panic if the team drops a few games between here and the start of the playoffs. Enjoy this final stretch for the final tune-up that it is, and then get ready: the playoffs to come are going to be a roller coaster. Yes, the President’s Trophy would be really sweet–and the Caps only need 31 points to secure it–but it’s no guarantee of playoff success, as the Sharks would be glad to remind us all. Enjoy what’s left of the regular season, and use the time to prepare yourselves for the playoffs. Yes, you, the fans, prepare yourselves: something tells me that it’s going to be a very long postseason for the Caps, and it’s going to get emotional along the way. Be ready when April gets here.
PLAYOFF CLINCH CAPITALS: Can clinch 11 East and 3 Southeast with a win.

COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS AT LOS ANGELES KINGS. Game 4 of 4. LAK lead by 2. These two teams have all of one win between them since the Olympic break, so this will be a welcome win for one, and yet one more facepalm for the other.
SERIES: CBJ must win in regulation to tie, or LAK win series.
PLAYOFF CLINCH KINGS: Can clinch 14 West with a win.
PLAYOFF ELIMINATION BLUE JACKETS: Would be eliminated from 1 West with a regulation loss.

PANTHERS: Would be eliminated from President’s Trophy, 1 Southeast, and 3 East, with a Washington win.
OILERS: Would be eliminated from 5 West with a Los Angeles win.
SHARKS: Can clinch 13 West with a Columbus regulation loss.



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