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Closing Time in Vancouver February 28, 2010

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I have a few random thoughts on the Olympic tournament. None profound, I’m sure, but as I’ve been tending to family matters these past few weeks and dealing with a minor cold as well, I’ve had shockingly little time for hockey. And man, have I missed the NHL. In no order whatsoever…

None of the Capitals made it past the quarterfinals, which is quite a stunning turn of events. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming. If there are any sports books out in Vegas who actually took a bet of “no Capitals get past the quarterfinals,” I’d love to hear about it.

Mike Milbury’s Eurotrash comment was absolutely indefensible, especially for an international tournament, and ABSOLUTELY for the Olympic tournament. Frankly, I hope Russia refuses to grant him a visa for the Sochi Games. He needs to sit one Olympiad out to think about his sportsmanship (or lack thereof). Yes, I do believe the guys in the press box need to show some sportsmanship, as well.

If getting left off the Olympic team that won perhaps the greatest hockey game ever played doesn’t give Mike Green one heck of a chip on his shoulder down the stretch, then nothing will.

Speaking of bets I’d love to hear about, was there anyone in the world who actually bet “USA loses gold medal game in overtime”?

The crew for the USA-Canada gold medal game being played in Vancouver: one Finn, three Canadians. No comment needed from me, I trust.

Scoring the medal-winning goal in overtime may turn out to be the most double-edged goal of Sidney Crosby’s career. He’ll be a national hero in Canada, and if Canada ever hosts another Olympic Games during his lifetime, my money is already on Crosby to light the cauldron. Trouble is, he may have just lost a heck of a lot of fans south of the border. I don’t much care for the guy as it is: he plays for Pittsburgh, and you know the rest. But there are probably a lot of American hockey fans who were hoping to see Team USA win its first Olympic gold since the Miracle on Ice. Well, no miracle and no gold this time, either, for the Americans, and all because of Crosby’s OT winner. Perhaps some more casual American hockey fans may start to detest Crosby as much as Caps fans do–hey, a Caps fan can dream, right?

Next Caps home game is on Thursday, and it kicks off a stretch of five games in nine days. Thanks to Snowmageddon and Metro, I had to stay home for both February games, so I haven’t been to the Phone Booth since the 1/31 game against the Bolts. Now I’ve got five games in very rapid succession. I’ll take it–I need to make sure I’m back in form in time for the playoffs, new lights and all. I hope I haven’t forgotten how to wear my vestment in the past month.

Saturday may end up becoming an all-day affair. The Caps Fan Club is holding its March meeting before the game, and I’d like to get out to Kettler for the morning skate if it’s on. Between the schedule, the weather, and my health, I haven’t been out there since November. Not that I’ve been missed, I’m sure, but I’d like at least one more chance to offer a word or two of encouragement in person. Not that it means anything to the players, I suppose. But considering all the good the team has done for me, I would be remiss if I made no effort at all to give something back, however small. I suspect it’s in vain, but I have to at least try.

And now, back to the number-crunching. I’ll do the best I can to catch all the way up tomorrow evening.




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