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Stopping By Regina on the Way to Moose Jaw February 3, 2010

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Reply to: Ted’s Take

Mr. Leonsis:

One must acknowledge up front those who try to trivialize this streak by contending that regular season success is meaningless. There is a valid point there–just ask the San Jose Sharks.

And it must be said that eleven in a row in January and February is an entirely different affair from eleven in a row in April and May.


This is the sort of success that can bode well for the second season. Much- (and, to my mind, needlessly-) maligned Jose Theodore was absolutely stellar against Boston last night, keeping the team in position to come home with a historic win. The offense was as good as it needed to be, and the 5-on-5 and 4-on-5 defense was flawless all night.

We have arrived, yes. But I contend that we have arrived at a way station, and not our ultimate destination. If this were a journey from Winnipeg to Moose Jaw, right now we’d have arrived in Regina. It’s someplace, yes. It’s progress, yes. It’s close, yes. It’s a fine way station, yes.

But everyone knows we can’t stop here. We can’t just plant our flag where we now stand and call it done. Absolutely, enjoy this historic moment. Absolutely, look at the standings and smile. Absolutely, say nothing bad for one day. (Although I must respectfully point out that I already said that on Sunday.) Absolutely, be proud to be a Caps fan today. And by all means, absolutely look forward to April.


This isn’t where we want to end up. Eleven, twelve, or even sixteen wins in a row right now, would be merely a well-placed footnote if the Caps don’t get a much more important sixteen wins after fourteen teams have cleaned out their lockers.

So celebrate this streak, certainly; dig it, definitely; savor it, surely. We have arrived, I agree. But we have not arrived at our ultimate destination. There’s lots to be proud of about the ground where we now stand, and only the most pessimistic of naysayers would dismiss this historic achievement as completely and entirely empty. But it is, I contend, just as erroneous to be in the middle of a win streak–however historic it may be–and say something as final as “For just today, we have arrived.” We have arrived, true, but at a rallying point, and not our ultimate destination.

So, let us enjoy the metaphorical RCMP Academies and the Government Houses and the Wascana Places around this rallying point. But let us not forget that we are only here as visitors, and that our final destination is still yet to come.

We have arrived, yes. But our journey is still far from over.

Capital Spirit



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