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A Look at the Math: 1/27/10 January 27, 2010

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Just a quick rant before I get to the math. I was looking at the back of a sanitizing hand wipe, and would you believe it actually had directions?! I’m not kidding. This is a direct quote: “Directions: Wipe hands; discard”. Have we now gotten to the point where we need directions for HAND WIPES?! Who’s running this country nowadays, the idiots, or the lawyers? Or am I just repeating myself? Rant over, on to the numbers…

NEW JERSEY DEVILS AT BUFFALO SABRES. Game 3 of 4. Series tied. Any New Jersey loss is a good one at this point, so for one night, I’m going to root for the Sabres. Don’t get used to it, Sabres fans. New Jersey has been playing a little bit better than Buffalo, but you can never count the Sabres out in their building–those Buffalo fans are nuts, and I mean that as a compliment. For one night, I can say it: Let’s go, Buffalo! The math is boring–the smallest number on the line, heading into Tuesday’s action, is NJD +32 against Carolina to clinch the Eastern 14 spot. Great hockey between two Eastern powerhouses, but soporific number-crunching.

CAROLINA HURRICANES AT NEW YORK RANGERS. Game 4 of 4. NYR have clinched series. Both teams are less than three dozen points away from being mathematically eliminated from President’s Trophy consideration. The Rangers are slumping a bit as of late, so you have to think they’d like to turn things around a bit at home. And since it’s the Hurricanes in town, and not anybody good, they have a shot at a reprieve from their slump. A Carolina loss would put the Hurricanes a mere 21 points away from President’s Trophy elimination.

ANAHEIM DUCKS AT WASHINGTON CAPITALS. Game 1 of 1. Both teams have been doing very well lately, but the Caps have a ridiculous record at home. A Capitals win would give the men in red a very intriguing plus number, depending on how they do against the Islanders (this is being written before Tuesday night’s games.) But with the Caps having 17 more points than the Ducks heading into Tuesday night’s games, you have to give the edge to the Caps heading in.

MONTREAL CANADIENS AT TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING. Game 3 of 4. TBL leads by 1. Both teams have quite a bit of hockey to play before anything’s decided, and both are in a tight pack of eight teams vying for the last three spots in the East–think this one’s going to be competitive? I do. Math’s boring, though. Series possibility: TBL can clinch series with a regulation win.

DETROIT RED WINGS AT MINNESOTA WILD. Game 2 of 4. DET leads by 1. Nothing interesting with respect to playoff math here, and this is only the second game these two teams have played this season. The Wings could put the season series all but out of reach with a regulation win. Other than that, watch for the game, not the arithmetic.

CALGARY FLAMES AT DALLAS STARS. Game 3 of 4. DAL leads by 1. Heading into Tuesday night’s games, the smallest number is DAL -37 against San Jose–nothing close to being decided here for either team as far as the playoffs go. But there is a series possibility: DAL can clinch series with a regulation win.

ST LOUIS BLUES AT VANCOUVER CANUCKS. Game 4 of 4. STL has clinched series. Vancouver has only lost one season series to a Western team so far, and this is it. They might be looking for some parting shots tonight. Interestingly, both team’s magic numbers are mirror images of each other heading into Tuesday night’s games. But nothing is close to being settled here mathematically. Some possible hockey intrigue if the Canucks want to defend their house, but the math is for insomniacs only. And since the game starts at 10 PM Eastern time, I mean that literally.




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