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The Night After: Florida, 12/3/09 December 4, 2009

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Because of some snarls on the Red Line, I was ridiculously late getting home last night after the game, and had to go straight to bed. So, now that I’m home from my full-time gig, a few random things that stuck with me overnight…

Yup, we can score without Ovechkin.

You have to give a lot of credit to the officials–Kerry Fraser in particular–for keeping the game from getting completely out of hand. Some of the referees who pay to get in the building do not like how tightly Kerry Fraser calls what he sees, and sometimes seems to miss what looks obvious from the comfort of the stands. But that’s the kind of official you want on the ice when AHL call-ups try to make names for themselves with abusive and dangerous behavior. I know I’m not the only fan in the Phone Booth who grimaces when #2 in the black-and-whites takes the ice, and I’ve been known to express my displeasure at some of Fraser’s on-ice decisions. But he and Wes McCauley controlled the game well, and after Duco got rung up for two dozen (and change) PIM’s, there weren’t any similar shenanigans. I don’t think he quite got every single call correct, but the entire crew did manage to keep the game from turning into a donnybrook. Credit where it’s due–the refs did a better job than they were getting credit for.

Well, there’s our blowout, and a couple of goofs by Varlamov spoiled what could have been a 6-0 shutout. But was that game any fun to watch? After Bradley’s shorty to make it 3-0, the outcome was pretty much settled, and the only thing left to settle was how high the rubble would bounce. Cashing twice on a seven-minute power play to run the score up to 6-0 may well bring the house to its feet, but at some point, it almost becomes an exercise in Schadenfreude. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss the Cardiac Caps that much last night, but I do hope the guys don’t overdo it with that whuppin’ stick they used on the Panthers. Then again, the team records for goals and margin of victory in a game were set against the since-relocated Nordiques, and records are made to be broken, so…

Personally, an ignoble postgame–first time since adding the cloak that I’ve had a hand laid on my person unbidden. By a Caps fan, sadly–and I wore my entire outfit to Philadelphia last year without incident. Nota bene: I get “Harry Potter” thrown at me enough that it’s Muzak. And yes, it is a distinctive outfit, so some lip ought to be expected. But that outfit has seen five NHL arenas so far: Verizon Center, RBC Center in Raleigh, the Vet on Long Island, the Pru in Newark, and Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. And of those five, the one I’ve gotten the most disrespect directed at me personally–i.e., for more than just my choice of teams–is, unfortunately, Verizon Center (although New Jersey came awfully close). And now it’s a Caps fan who is first to think it funny to lay unwanted–even if only teasing–hands upon my person, while verbally mocking me–even if only in jest–at the same time.

There’s more I would say here, but I’ve got entirely too many updates to make on the charts. More to follow tonight, maybe, but no guarantees.



1. moonprincess - December 6, 2009

i was at the game last night (dec 5) in philly and could not get enough of your awesomeness. you really need to upload a picture here so that others can experience the extent of your fanhood. very inspired by you.

CapitalSpirit - December 6, 2009

Thank you very much for the effusive kind words, although I didn’t really need that much flattery. 🙂

And it’s funny you should ask. They had fan photographers at the game, and one of them gave me a snap. It’s at philadelphiaflyers.com/fanphotos in Gallery 42 of the Flyers-Caps game on 12/5.

Honestly, though, I’ve been photographed enough times, and been the subject of a couple of video interviews, one of which may still be on the Caps’ website. But I don’t think it appropriate to repost all that stuff on my site. I’ll point you in the right direction if you’re really that curious, as here. And if I talk to the press, I’ll usually link to the finished piece if I can find it. But I usually don’t repost any of that here wholesale. There are potential copyright problems there.

And since I’m not exactly in the habit of taking pictures of myself–I pride myself on my humility, if you get the joke–that doesn’t leave me with a lot of pictures of myself to post.

If you ever come to a Caps game at Verizon Center, I’m pretty easy to spot (duh), and I’ll usually stop for photos if politely requested.

Thanks for stopping by.–CS

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