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No News On Ovi? November 26, 2009

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Just got back from Thanksgiving with my brother’s in-laws. First chance I’ve had to see my new nephew (everyone say awwwww…)

Have not heard anything about supplemental discipline for Ovechkin today–didn’t see any word on the front page of NHL.com at last check, so no news is good news, I guess. One thing I’m going to mention that’s probably been mentioned elsewhere by much better scribes than yours truly: recall Evgeni Malkin’s instigator penalty in last year’s Stanley Cup Finals. That’s supposed to be an automatic one-game suspension, but it may be rescinded. In other words, the League had to intervene to NOT suspend Malkin, even when it was blindingly obvious that he was throwing punches, no gloves, while his opponent still had gloves on.

The League could hand down supplemental discipline to Ovechkin under Rule 42.6 by way of Rule 29, but here’s the kicker. Rule 29 discipline under Rule 42.6 means the League has to intervene TO impose additional discipline. And the check in question by Ovechkin is not quite as open-and-shut as Malkin’s instigator was in last year’s Finals.

Bottom line, for whatever it’s worth, from one crazy fan with no hockey fashion sense, is this. The League needs to be very, very careful about throwing Rule 29 at Ovechkin on this one. Fans in Washington have been screaming “favoritism” for a very long time. And throwing Rule 29 at Alex Ovechkin for his hit in Wednesday night’s game is going to pour jet fuel on those flames. If Malkin’s automatic suspension for an indisputable late instigation is waived at League discretion, while Ovechkin gets Rule 29 thrown at him at League discretion–over a play that is open to dispute, no less–it is at the very least going to look like favoritism, even if there really isn’t any favoritism at work here.

Again, take that for whatever it’s worth–this is just one fan’s opinion.




1. june - November 27, 2009

my new nephew born on my birthday no less!

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