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Better Say Something October 28, 2009

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

Evidently, CSN put me on the feed a couple of times Saturday night at the Islanders game. I’ve seen some of the chatter, and I need to say a couple of things before I go to bed.

1. It’s a cloak, not a cape. Really. Go over to Half Moon’s website (also under Other Sites of Interest) and see for yourself.
2. Yes, I was traveling in full regalia. I did it in Philly and survived, so I figured (correctly) that the Island would be no problem. I’ve actually gotten more lip from Caps fans at Verizon Center some nights than I got at the Vet–sad but true.
3. I was with the Fan Club, not the Road Crew.
4. I intend to do future road games in full uniform. When you wear your colors with pride, treat your hosts with respect, carry yourself courageously, never–EVER–boo the home team, and accept victory and defeat with equal sportsmanship, host fans tend to respect that. Even in Philadelphia, judging from the two times I’ve been there.
5. I never, EVER forget, when on the road, that I represent a lot more than myself. I represent my team, the group I’m with, our fans as a whole, and our city. And if the worst thing they can say about Capitals fans is that some of us have no hockey fashion sense, then I’m probably doing something right–if I do say so myself.
6. I’ve said it before, and I’m going to have to keep repeating it, I guess. Every single piece of my outfit has a specific, symbolic, spiritual meaning. Does it look odd? Absolutely. But it’s that way for a reason.
7. One other thing my outfit does, is keep people at a distance. Most people who don’t know me see the odd outfit, think “weirdo,” and move on. I get a few questions here and there, I run a niche blog that doesn’t get much discussion, and I occasionally pop in on the message boards. But so far, no one I’m aware of has really tried that hard to get me to open up. I’m generally accepted, and mostly left alone–and that’s fine by me.

Think about this: as a verb, “cloak” means “to hide; conceal.” Make of that what you will.

Game against the Flyers was uneven, but Ugly W > Pretty L. And just think how good they’ll be once they start playing the full sixty.



1. june - October 28, 2009

Just want you to know–I am reading your post! Love always, mom

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