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The Best Post I’ll Regret This Year October 13, 2009

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It’s been said that if you write in anger, you’ll write the best work you’ll ever regret. And, now that the updates to my charts are done, I should by all accounts be calmed down. And I’m not.

I only have two questions after watching tonight’s collapse against New Jersey.

Number one: Who is John Galt?

And number two: Who are the Redskins playing this Sunday?!

Yes, it was that bad. The Caps have now found Redskinesque ways to give games away, and I do not use that comparison lightly (or gladly, for that matter). The other night in Detroit, it was a penalty by Mike Green which led to the game-winning power play (taking only four shots–FOUR!!–in the third period didn’t help much, either.) Tonight, it was going oh-fer on half a dozen extra-man chances, including one two-man advantage. Not to mention a long stretch in the third where the Caps could not get the biscuit out of their own end, could not change players, and could not stop the eventual goal. If the Caps think they can get outworked in their end, with only a one-goal lead, in the third period, in their own stinking building for crying out loud, and go on to win the Cup this year, they’ve got another think coming. This four-game skid will probably not mean much at the end of the year: it’s only October, after all. Perhaps this is experimentation, working the bugs out, refining systems under game conditions. But if this four-game skid had happened in May, the Caps would now be cleaning out their lockers and polishing their putters.

Going back to the Redskins for a moment. With the Skins, at least I’d be under no illusions that the team’s very good–they’re more than likely going nowhere this year, they’re more than likely going to lose more than they win, and they’re more than likely going to find some very bizarre ways to lose in the process (a la Carolina this past Sunday). But with the players they have, that’s just meh–another day at the office for the burgundy and gold. The Capitals have the defending repeat MVP, a Norris-nominated blueliner, and an excellent center who just might make a run for the Ross. Expectations for this team were off the charts when the season began. So how do they open the season? By dropping four of their first six–and did I mention that they play the Sharks on Thursday night?!

This Caps team can play much, much better than it has. It’s obvious in Section 417, it’s obvious on the message boards, and I daresay it’s obvious to every member of the Capitals organization. What is completely baffling, at least to this admittedly distant fan, is how this Capitals team can have so much talent, and be capable of so much greatness, and yet still leave a lot of fans feeling so much heartache at this point in the season.

It saddens me to see this team do this poorly. This is a team that has championship potential, a team that could be the best team in this city, a team that has fans ready to believe, and a team that–on a personal note–has done so much more good for me than they’ll ever know. And yet this, what we’ve seen these past four games, is their idea of a championship effort? I grieve…!

I wish I knew how to say more than this tonight, but I don’t. In the end, tonight is one insignificant loss that can, should, and probably will be forgotten. But right now, with the sting of a game given away still lingering, my words have run dry.




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