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A Peek Behind the Scenes October 6, 2009

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

I know I’ve been a bit remiss in posting as of late, but I’ve got one hockey-related project I’m working on behind the scenes that I hope will pay dividends as the season progresses.

That Head to Head chart I’m working on–you have looked at it, right?–requires a bit more setup than just setting up the table and updating it. When series even up, I have to know how many games have been played in each team’s city, or else the tie break information won’t be correct. So what I’m doing is going through the schedules of all 30 NHL teams and breaking down which games got played in which market. There are 1,230 games in the NHL season, and I have to have the schedules from the perspectives of both teams–so I end up with 2,460 notes once it’s over. Fortunately, the more teams I get done, the quicker the later teams’ schedules fall in place. I know the schedule has been out for a while, but I’m actually using my schedule watch for this–best Christmas present I ever got, with a public thanks to my brother and sister-in-law–and Game Time only released the new slate a couple of weeks ago.

Once that’s done, it’s done, and I can turn my attention back to writing stuff that people are, you know, actually going to see.

So, for my regulars, pardon my stiff upper lip in early October: by the time we hit April, I’m sure I’ll have written more than even I expect.

Now, then, whose schedules am I working on next…




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