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My Blessing For the Capitals September 28, 2009

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A score of mournful weeks ago,
We stood and cheered, and said “’til then.”
But now it’s time to start the show,
And open play for ’09-’10.

I know there’s not much I can say;
My words mean little, I concede.
But as you Caps come out to play,
I wish you all “Good luck, Godspeed.”

Could I say more, I’d tell you all,
Your failures past to disavow;
To come out playing hard this fall,
And live forever, starting now.

There’s more than grandeur in that phrase.
The quest for Stanley’s Cup, you see,
Is, in a lot of different ways,
A quest for immortality.

When your name’s writ upon that grail,
It shows that, through adversity,
You did against the world prevail,
To stand for all eternity.

So, to the Caps, I’ve this to say:
I know you’ll make it there, somehow.
I do believe you’ll find a way
To live forever, starting now.

The way is long, and hard, and high,
But I believe you’ll make it through.
Remember, though, there is no “try.”
You’ll either “fail,” or you will “do.”

It won’t be easy, this you know.
But contemplate this, I implore:
To what extent will you all go,
To be remembered evermore?

You might lose games; you might feel pain;
There might be sweat upon your brow.
But don’t give up, and don’t complain.
Just live forever, starting now.

Some teams give Washington a fit;
You know who they are, as do I.
But should your paths cross, don’t dare quit;
Just keep on reaching for the sky.

Don’t fear a team, or superstar,
Or hostile rinks at games away;
Believe, with hard work, you’ll go far;
With courage, you will win the day.

And, should you guys take Pittsburgh out,
Would that not be the cat’s meow?
Now, banish any fear and doubt,
And live forever, starting now.

You all were born to play this game.
You all were meant to join this team.
And now, it’s time to stake your claim,
And capture your eternal dream.

This is your moment, gentlemen.
This is your time to be the best.
This chance may never come again;
Are all of you up for this test?

You know the way to victory.
You know the what; you know the how.
Now claim your immortality,
And live forever, starting now.


1. june white - September 29, 2009

Pretty good poetry son, and Good Wishes to the Caps.Mom

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