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A Moment to Reflect September 8, 2009

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

I’ve added a couple of new pages up top: tables for head-to-head matchups, and for playoff magic numbers. They’re both going to be working together, and it’s going to be less work for me to update them as the season progresses. The alternative is to wait until, say, New Year’s Day, and try to crunch all the numbers and catch up on all the series all at once. I know from experience last year that that’s not a good idea. So I’ll be starting the tables on Opening Night, and updating them as I can throughout the season.

For now, though, take a moment and give those charts a click. On the Magic Numbers chart, every team has a top-end total of 164 right now. Over on the Head-to-Head chart, both charts are empty. The new season is the time of promise, when every team is, for one moment, perfect. The new season is as fresh and clean as a freshly-Zammed hockey rink. In less than a month, however, skate blades will cut that perfect ice; and those 164’s will, one by one, at some point go away.

No series have begun; no losses have been taken. For now, even the Islanders are perfect. Take a moment, folks, and contemplate those empty charts. What will they both say come April? No one knows. There are 1,230 games to play between now and then, by which point both of those charts are going to get complicated.

But for now, they are simple. For now, they are uniform. For now, every team is equal with every other. For now, they both say “New Season.” It’s been a long time since we’ve had hockey to watch, and we all want it to get started sooner than later. For now, though, I encourage you to take a look at those empty charts, and contemplate the season of possibility ahead. It’s almost time.




1. Mike - September 9, 2009

The anticipation of a new hockey season is always linked into the beginning of the fall temperatures. There is something beautiful about the crispness of an early morning, the dew on the grass, the realization that Thanksgiving and Christmas (my FAVORITE time of the year) is approaching, along with the NC state fair and Halloween. Football is here, and with hockey almost here, no more replays of the playoffs from last year!

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