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Say It Isn’t So May 27, 2009

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It hasn’t been a good couple of days for me, and that is putting it mildly. I was laid low with food poisoning all Memorial Day weekend, and managed to miss a family outing in the process. I came about this close to having to check myself into the emergency room, but felt better Monday, and I’m back to 100% today in the health area.

Then, last night, the Penguins won their second consecutive Eastern Conference Championship by sweeping the Hurricanes. And in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, If the Caps had won Game 5, that would have been them. So that didn’t help.

Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating about Kozlov and Fedorov heading over to the KHL, making for some uncertainty around the metaphorical water cooler.

Then, earlier tonight, I came home from work to find a major steroids bust in Florida, and the suspect fingering the Washington Capitals. When it rains, it’s a monsoon, I guess.

For the love of God, say it isn’t so.

I’ve done a little bit of poking around at this story tonight, and some of the comments directed at the Caps have been, I think, overly vicious given that so far this is an unproven allegation, and nothing more. Gee…rush to judgment much, folks?

How this will play out is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly going to make for an all-too-exciting offseason.

I’m not going to believe this one way or the other until I see enough evidence to judge this matter on merit. I am NOT going to judge this based on a preliminary presser, and I don’t think anyone with a scrap of either restraint or objectivity should do so, either. Anyone who would give instant credence to a sensational sports-crime presser needs to go Google “Mike Nifong.” And I also would put very little faith in a canary-song name-drop by a guy who’s just been arrested in a six-figure drug bust.

Let me be as clear as possible here. I’m not accusing anyone in the Tampa law enforcement community of misconduct. I’m saying that there have been cases in recent memory where sensational allegations turned out to be categorically false upon further investigation. And right now, all we have are allegations that have yet to be proved or disproved. And name-dropping teams without naming players–strictly on the braggadocio of the accused–is, at the very least, poor form.

Those fans who are so quick to pounce on the Capitals before any hard evidence is in need to ask themselves if they’d like the same treatment afforded the team they themselves root for. Those who claim neutrality should, by the same logic, withhold judgment until all evidence is presented.

All in all, it is a tragic day to be a Capitals fan.

For the love of God, say it isn’t so.



1. CapitalSpirit - May 29, 2009

I got a comment on this post earlier today from an anonymous Pens fan that I thought might have been worth discussing. Nevertheless, I do not approve anonymous comments. My general belief is that if you believe what you write is true, you’ll put your name on it.

If you’re the one who posted earlier, I do have a copy of your post, and I’d be interested in (civilly) debating what you wrote. Leave another comment here, with a genuine name and email address this time, and I’ll reprint your original. Make sure you post from the same IP address, because that’s how I’ll verify that it’s you.

I don’t normally grant second chances to anonymous writers whose contempt is self-evident, but you had some wheat amongst the chaff, so here you go. If you believe what you wrote is true, give me a name, and we’ll talk.–CS

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