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A Valediction: ‘Til Then May 14, 2009

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With just two minutes left to go,
We knew our year was gone and done.
Yet still, we let our spirit show,
By rising up to cheer as one.

The game was, yes, a sad defeat,
But we rose to salute our men.
Now, with our season full complete,
We stood and cheered, and said, “‘Til then.”

Our playoff dreams were dashed too soon.
We stood as one, with broken heart.
It was a bad night for a swoon,
And bitter terms on which to part.

Yet from these shattered dreams we rise,
And in October, start again.
Let’s wipe the tears from out our eyes.
Let’s stand and cheer, and say, “‘Til then.”

Our future is still full of hope,
And fortunes next year should improve.
That makes it easier to cope,
And these bad feelings to remove.

We know we’ll win the Stanley Cup;
The only question now, is when.
So let us keep on looking up.
Let’s stand and cheer, and say, “‘Til then.”

Our summer will be slow and long.
Next season seems so far away.
September will still come along,
And it will then be time to play.

Next season will be better though,
When playoff time comes round again.
But ere we to our summer go,
Let’s stand and cheer, and say, “‘Til then.”

Our loss will be a memory,
Albeit one we’d soon forget.
But there will be much more to see.
Our story isn’t finished yet.

For us, ’08-’09 is through.
We’re waiting now for ’09-’10.
And ’til that season starts anew,
Let’s stand and cheer, and say, “‘Til then.”

Thank you, Capitals, for a season to remember. I didn’t want to see it end the way it did, but I appreciate everything you’ve done this year. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this journey, and I look forward to journeys anew in just a few short months.

‘Til then!




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