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Not the Best of Days April 16, 2009

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Wednesday night’s loss was painful, and I left Verizon Center with no small sense of dismay.
But the misery wasn’t done, as I got an earful when I got to the office the next day.
One of my coworkers, who doesn’t follow the sport and probably would not be caught dead in a hockey arena,
Still knew the Caps lost last night, and was praising the Rangers and generally laughing like a hyena.
It takes no small lack of grace
To say you don’t even follow hockey, but then turn around in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and laugh in a despondent fan’s face.
She could have kept her mouth shut, and showed at least a modicum of class,
But no, it’s first thing in the morning, I’m visibly tired and unhappy, and–pardon my French–she still had to act like an ass.
I mentioned this to my lead, and the response I got was kind of lame.
In essence, “Why do you get so worked up? It’s only a game.”
The reason my love for the game, and the Caps in particular, is so strong,
Is that this team has given me, for the first time in my life, a place where I can say I belong.
I have spent three decades and change wandering this world, looking for some place in which to fit,
And when I saw my first Capitals game, I knew right away that this was it.
Everywhere else I’ve gone in my life, I’ve felt, at best, coolly accepted; at worst, like a freak.
The Capitals, to their everlasting credit, have let me be me, even if I can sometimes be a little too unique.
I ran into my first real case of class-wide rejection somewhere around age ten.
And I must have settled on all the wrong ways to deal with it, because it kept happening again and again.
Maybe I took it so hard that my whole view of humanity got totally skewed,
And I subconsciously decided I’d be better off with a life of solitude.
But then I found the Caps, and my loneliness looked less endless.
Maybe I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my life feeling totally despised and friendless.
Unless you’ve lived it, you simply cannot understand what it means to suddenly feel connected,
After you’ve spent two-thirds of your life feeling totally rejected.
Accepting love is something that I know I don’t do lightly.
Before hockey, never in my life had I ever felt so accepted, so forthrightly.
Being unique had always gotten me, at best, tolerated, and at worst, hated.
So it’s something special to have my uniqueness not merely put up with, but actually advocated.
And that is why I care so much about the Caps, and why I want to see them win Lord Stanley’s grail.
And that is why I take it so hard when the Caps give their all, and still fail.
The Caps have done so much good for one small fan–does God not even see?
Or is Justice really as blind as all that? If so, she’d make a wonderful hockey referee!
“Only a game”? No way–the Caps have given me a place where I can finally feel contentment.
So why do some people, who ought to know better, insist on showing such resentment?
I hope–no, I intend–that the Caps will bounce back and win this set.
One loss is just one loss, and by no means is it over yet.
And if–no, when–the Caps come back to win this series, I won’t return the incivility.
I’ll simply turn the other cheek, to the best of my ability.
I won’t sin
By rubbing it in.
Come on, Capitals. You had a wonderful regular season, and the first round is not the time to choke.
And if you can’t win this series for yourselves, then at least try to win it for the crazy dude in the cloak.
You guys can pull it out.
I have no doubt.
Now, go show the hockey world exactly what you can do
By kicking the crap out of the New York Rangers on Saturday in Game 2!



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